How is Covid-19 is affecting me

by - Tuesday, March 17, 2020

How is Covid-19 is affecting my life.

Hello everyone!

I normally post on Thursdays but given the actual situation around the world, I could not share my personal take on this subject.
You might be tired of this subject by now but after much thought, I think it is good for me to share

How is Covid-19 affecting me

Well, I have to admit, that when this whole thing started I did not give it much thought and somehow thought it would be over before it would spread worldwide and in such strength as it did. Probably, I was too naive or just simple careless. I regret it!
After all, until it hit Europe so badly, I did not have much feeling for it; a bit selfish, perhaps.

During my last visit to Portugal, at the end of February, I already saw more people wearing masks at the airport, but it didn't hit home for me; I even thought that perhaps they were exaggerating.
But things evolved so fast and the alarming situation in Italy was enough to open my eyes. 

I started to worry if I should keep my travel plans for the coming future or not. The doubt and uncertainty were installed. The skyrocket numbers in the Netherlands and Portugal, and many other European countries, make me wonder if it is wise to go travel. And no, it isn't!

Unfortunately, I had to cancel my trip to Portugal during March, meaning that I am not attending my friend's daughter's 1st birthday party nor am I going to visit my family.
It sucks! It really does...

But it simply isn't wise, safe or responsible to leave the house unless extremely necessary. And friends, as I write this, the Dutch government has not yet imposed a quarantine to everyone, even though the number of infected people keeps on increasing by the hundreds day after day.

But we aren't over yet.

As you may know, I had finally made plans (and even bought plane tickets!) to go visit Japan for the first time, this May. 
As of this moment, it is not clear if this trip is going to happen or not, and that breaks my heart! Not only the possibility of not going to a dream destination of mine, but also the fact that I may lose quite a large amount of money.
Friends, this isn't nice.

But you know what: health comes first! And we all have to do our share to slow down this virus and help our countries' health systems to coop with all this.

And that means:

- Stay home if you have any symptoms.
- Stay home if your country has declared quarantine.
- Leave only for necessary things, such as groceries, pharmacy visits or if your job can't be done remotely.
- Wash your hands.
- Follow the instructions given by your local authorities, no matter how hard that may be.

In my case, at this moment, I still have to go to work, but I am limiting any social contact, outdoor activities to the extremely necessary (including walking my dog), washing my hands all the time, and most of all, try to stay positive that this pandemic will slow down and in the near future we will all be able to resume our lives.

And on that note, before I leave, I am going to keep posting travel-related content, because one day, rather sooner than later, we will get back to travel and go outdoors! Use the upcoming posts as future suggestions and start making your to-go-after-Covid19 list. 

Because that day will come!

On Thursday, I will be sharing some tips on how you can make the best of your day, in case you have to stay indoors.
But until then, stay safe, calm and follow your local authority's directions/advice.

Feel free to use the comments section to share your personal experiences and if you are feeling anxious due to this situation, here you have a virtual hug from me!

Visit WHO (World Health Organization) website for all information on Covid-19.

See you on Thursday,

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  1. I don't even travel, and I'll be honest, I put very little thought into COVID-19 myself. I live in a very small town in Ohio, and we're rarely impacted by anything. Over the years, I just developed the mindset that the media blows things up to be worse than they are (and they often do), and that I had nothing to worry about.

    But reality struck me when it hit Ohio, and all the closures started happening. I've never experienced anything like this. None of us have. And I'll be honest, it's not exactly going easy on my anxiety. This also impacts quite a few of my plans for this year... I'm sincerely hoping that this will get under control soon so we can resume our lives quicker.

    Katherine Moon | The Kat Life

    1. Hi Katherine,

      I totally get you; we always think that it "only" happens to others and then reality hits you right in the face. Quite something to deal with...
      Take good care of yourself, and here's a virtual hug for you.

      2020 may not be what we all expected, but we will come out of it stronger!
      xo, B.