3 European capitals I would like to visit

3 European capitals I would like to visit. From Denmark to Hungary, with a stop in Norway.


Who else is happy that January is finally over?! 😀
To celebrate that, today's post is another chapter of the "3 Places" series and totally dedicated to European capitals!


Featured in several posts (Top 10 travel wishlist and 2020 Travel Plans), I would really love to visit Copenhagen soon. It has been on my "to visit" list for a while now, but the accommodation prices are always the deal-breaker for me.

I'm particularly curious about the so-called "Hygge" feeling, that has its origins in Denmark, and describes a mood of coziness and comfort. 

Anyone reading this post that has information/tips for affordable accommodation in Copenhagen, please share it. Thanks!


I really really want to go visit Budapest this year. The more I search about it and see other travel bloggers' posts about it, the more I feel like going and visit.

Reading The Navigatio post about Budapest, just increased my interest even more. Check it out: 4 day Budapest itinerary

There is no surprise that Budapest is also included in my 2020 travel plans post.


Last but not least, Oslo in Norway!!
A friend of mine visited Norway and totally recommended it to me, and every time I scroll through social media, I see these beautiful pictures of Norway so my interest in it only grows.
Oh, and maybe because I love good old doom-metal every now and then... haha For some reason, my brain associates doom-metal with Norway. Don't ask me why... 😊

Has any of you been to Oslo or anywhere in Norway? If you've got tips, let me know in the comments section.

- - - 

Of course, there are more European capitals I would like to visit, but somehow, the Scandinavian ones are high on my list (along with Budapest). The reason for it might be related to the fact that I come from Portugal, and all Scandinavian countries are so far away for us, Portuguese, that it increases my interest in them.

See you next week!

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3 European capitals I would like to visit. From Denmark to Hungary, with a stop in Norway.


  1. I hope that you get to visit Copenhagen at some point, the canal cruise is always my top tip :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

    1. Thanks for the tip!! I hope it will be in 2020 that I get to visit Copenhagen. Fingers crossed 🤞🏼😉
      Thanks for your comment, Nic.

  2. Adoraria visitar qualquer uma dessas cidades! Pela minhas idas a Bergen, diria que vais adorar Oslo. A Noruega tem paisagens lindas, é um povo tranquilo e, pelo menos em Bergen, apesar de estares numa das maiores cidades do país, tens a sensação de estares numa vila pacata :)

    1. Tenho mesmo muiiiiita curiosidade, mas o tempo... Aí o tempo 😣
      Bem vindo de volta, btw 😉

  3. I hope you get to visit all these places! Sending love and safe travels!