3 Places to visit in... The Netherlands (no Amsterdam)

by - Thursday, December 05, 2019

3 Places to visit in The Netherlands. This short guide does not include the obvious cities! So, no Amsterdam.


For today's post, I'm bringing back the "3 Places to visit" series. 
I wrote a couple of other posts on this series (more here) but this time, I'm doing a Dutch version of it.

If you are new here, I'm Barbara, Portuguese living in the Netherlands, and I love traveling. So for me, to write this kind of post is super exciting! I hope I can inspire you, somehow, to come and visit other places in the Netherlands besides the "usuals", aka, Amsterdam and so on.
Shall we get started?

3 Places to visit in... The Netherlands (no Amsterdam)


Located in the South-Holland province just about 36km away from the well known Amsterdam, Leiden is easily reachable by train, it soon became one of my favorite cities in the Netherlands. At least, from the ones I know.
Leiden is a very easy city to get to know, and I think no one needs a map to get around; perhaps Google maps every now and then, in case you're looking for something specific.

Leiden, the Netherlands

I challenge you to visit Leiden and not fall in love with it! :)

Read more about Leiden here: LEIDEN


Alkmaar has all the cute things you find in Amsterdam but without all the crap you find there as well.
Kind of in the same line as Leiden or Delft.
Just a short train ride from Amsterdam and you'll be in a very cozy and charming city.

Cheese Market, Alkmaar, the Netherlands
Cheese Market in Alkmaar

Known as the "cheese town", it hosts a weekly cheese market from April to September. Super interesting to visit, even if you are not a cheese lover.

Curious about the city? See it for yourself: ALKMAAR 1 and ALKMAAR 2.


Last but not least, beautiful Maastricht.
Maastricht is the capital of the Dutch province Limburg, located in the South of the Netherlands. Most Dutch people will even joke about it and say it's not even the Netherlands.
Jokes aside, Maastricht is undoubtedly a beautiful city, and totally perfect for your weekend escape.
Easily reached by train, bus/car and with several airports nearby (approx. 1h/1h30), it's worth to include in your "to visit list".

Vrijthof, Maastricht, the Netherlands

Please tell me I'm not the only one with such a list.

For more information read this post: MAASTRICHT
- - - -

What do you think of this kind of post?
I will in the future make another one about places I still have yet to visit in the Netherlands and perhaps, one of the places I'd like to revisit but have never mentioned here on the blog.
Sounds good?

Anyway, I hope you liked this post.

See you next week!

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3 Places to visit in The Netherlands. This short guide does not include the obvious cities! So, no Amsterdam.

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  1. You're really making me want to get on a plane.
    Wanderlust... so much wanderlust.

    1. Go on, hop on! haha
      You won't regret it ;)

  2. Awesome job!! The Netherlands ain't so bad :)

    1. Thank you! :)
      Yes, it is quite nice, indeed. :)

  3. I love Maastricht! My sister lived there for four months and it was gorgeous. B X

    1. What a lovely coincidence! Maastricht is indeed a beautiful city.
      xo, B.

  4. This is so interesting! It's good to talk about some other cities avoiding the most touristical ones!!

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    1. Right? Glad you liked the post. Let me know if you ever go visit them :)