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by - Monday, June 12, 2017


Who's in to get to know Alkmaar?
It was an impulsive decision to go to Alkmaar for a day trip but it was totally worth it; it is such a cute town in North Holland province.
The ride to get there was very easy; did not have to drive at all! Hopped on the train and sat for 3 hours... Nice!

Alkmaar is located just 30km from Amsterdam which makes it ideal for those of you planning on coming this way.

We (me and Mr.A) visited the city on a Sunday and I thought that perhaps it wouldn't have been a wise decision but let me tell you: the town was crowded and certainly not "dead".
Apparently, there was this medieval fair going on all over downtown, or let's call it the Old City, which attracted lots of tourists. I wasn't aware of this... 😎

In my perspective, Alkmaar has all the cute things you find in Amsterdam but without all the crap you find there as well.
Kind of in the same line as Delft as I showed you in previous posts (check out Delft #1, Delft #2, Delft #3).

Since I do not want this post to be overloaded with photos, I will divide in a couple of posts.

So, without further dues, come along on my day in Alkmaar!

All photos taken with Sony a6000 & by me.

Did you like it?? 😊
Have you visited Alkmaar? 
If not, I totally recommend you to put it on your "to-visit list".

Come check the second part of the day in Alkmaar. I will announce on my social media when it will be online. So, don't forget to follow me & the blog on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Bloglovin so you won't miss out!

See you soon!

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  1. É uma cidade holandesa e está tudo dito! Anotado para futura visita.eheh

    1. Anota sim porque vale muitoooo a pena! ;)