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by - Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Travel - Visiting Vienna for the first time. A summary of a weekend city break.


On today's post, I am finally sharing with you some of the sights I've visited while in Vienna. It was back in May when I & Mr.A went to visit Austria's capital. As usual, our stay was short (lovely weekend city trips) but we tried to make the best out of it.
For me, it was my first visit to Vienna, and in my mind, I had a picture of how Vienna should look like; big old buildings, tons of historical sights to visit and very charming.
And guess what?
I wasn't too far off!

Let's go visit Vienna

How to get to Vienna

We took an evening flight from Brussels airport directly to Vienna, with Austrian Airlines. It was my first time flying with them, and I found both the aircraft and crew very nice. Flying time was about 1h30 if I'm not mistaken, and we got complimentary snack and drinks.

Arriving in Vienna city center

The best way we found to get to Vienna's city center was with CAT. CAT stands for City Airport Train, and it's a super comfortable train service that connects Vienna's airport to the city center in just 16 minutes!
The train goes every 30 minutes and we had a very smooth journey!
We bought tickets at the official ticket machines in the terminal and there are two options:
single tickets for 12Eur each or return ticket (valid for 30 days) for 21Eur.
We choose return tickets.

Friday Night

Once we got to the city center, we still had to take a subway to our hotel, which was also very easy to do. I can't remember the ticket price anymore (sorry!); after checking in at our hotel (nothing fancy, but central - Hotel Admiral), we still had a little energy left, so we checked the pubs close by.

There was a nice cocktail bar around the corner where we went for a couple of drinks until both our batteries ran low and we decided to finally go to sleep.


Early Saturday morning, fully energized to go sightseeing in Vienna. There were no specific route or "must-see" places, therefore, we just grabbed our travel guide book and checked out the map to see what was closer to us.

We decided to go our day in the Museum quarter.
Volkstheater - Vienna | Travel

As usual on weekend city breaks, we don't go visit the Museums but instead, we check out the surroundings and their architecture. The time is limited, so this is the way that works best for me (or us), we just walk as much as possible and try to absorb the city's energy.

Museum of Natural History | Vienna - Travel
Museum of Natural History
Fun fact, as we approached the Museum of Natural History, I noticed there was a statue of Vasco da Gama, one of the most important Portuguese explorers of all times. History tells that he was the one who found the sailing route to India, back in 1498.
Now, I have no idea why was he on that building among other important historical figures, but my Portuguese proud heart got a bit warmed up when I spotted him!

Museum of Natural History | Vienna - Travel
Museum of Natural History

Oh, did I already mentioned that it was quite chill on this Saturday morning?! I was so not prepared for it...

Maria-Theresien-Platz and Museum of Natural History | Vienna - Travel
Maria-Theresien-Platz and Museum of Natural History 
Heldenplatz | Vienna - Travel

After a short break at Heldenplatz, admiring the clouds (yes, true fact!), we decided to start our walk towards Stephansdom (St Stephan's Cathedral).
On our way, there were so many cute trams! Yeah, can't forget to mention, Vienna is pro when it comes to trams, really; there are trams everywhere!!
Buses are also available, but if I take public transportation I always prefer trams, don't ask me why.

Red tram | Vienna - Travel
Cute red old tram and modern tram.

By the time we arrived that Stephansdom, the sun had decided to show up as well, so what did we do? We hid inside the cathedral... Smart, right?! :)

From outside, I was fascinated by the cathedral's tiled roof; one side has a chevron pattern and the Austrian eagle on the other.

Chevron tile work on Stephansdom's roof | Vienna - Travel
Chevron tile work on Stephansdom's roof 

Austrian eagle tile work on Stephansdom's roof | Vienna - Travel
Austrian eagle tile work on Stephansdom's roof

Inside of the cathedral was packed with tourists, obviously, but at the same time, it was so calm and definitely beautiful.
To visit the cathedral tickets aren't necessary, however, if you wish to take tours, then tickets are necessary.

Inside of Stephansdom | Vienna - Travel
Inside Stephansdom (St Stephan's Cathedral)

This cathedral has many Gothic elements, which I personally love, and also a baroque high altar.
Interesting fact: the area around the cathedral used to be a graveyard, but due to the plague and influenza, it got closed and all the dead were then buried beneath the cathedral.

Inside of Stephansdom | Vienna - Travel
Whatever this is, it's amazing!!!
I still don't know the meaning of this amazing stone art piece but it got my attention; not only by its shape and how the stones were placed but, and especially, by how the light hit them.
Another example of how light plays such a big role in how we see things. Without this particular illumination, this art piece would probably be just a "bunch of rocks hanging from the roof".
It's all in the details, friends.

Burning tea candles inside Stephansdom | Vienna - Travel
Burning tea candles inside Stephansdom
- - - -
I am going to stop here, for now, not only to avoid a gigantic post but also because there are so many more photos to share, that it's best to make a part 2.

I hope you liked this first post about Vienna!
A second part will be up very soon, so don't forget to follow on my socials, so you won't miss out the announcement.

See you soon!

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Travel - Visiting Vienna for the first time. A summary of a weekend city break.

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