Cooper - 6 months update

by - Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Cooper-Choco-Lab-6months. Photo by Barbara Santos for Porty's Diary.

Hi everyone!!!

Just a week ago, my sweet Cooper turned 6 months!!
It took a while to process the fact that time is just going so damn fast and that he is quickly becoming a junior Choco-Brownie-Boy.

Cooper is now a healthy, vibrant, fiery, playful, energetic and heavy 6-month-old Labrador.
Right now, he is about 24kg, making it very hard for us to hold him or lift him from the ground. hahaha
You should see the looks he gives us when we try to weigh him... 

Cooper-Choco-Lab-6months. Photo by Barbara Santos for Porty's Diary.

To have Cooper has been a true blessing in our lives; not only he is a great buddy, but he also helps us to be more outdoorsy and social, in a way. Try to go on a street with a Labrador puppy and you will talk to so many people that it is even hard to explain. I totally get it though; lab pups are the cutest thing out there! 

Cooper has also become our morning alarm, whether we want it or not... For him, the weekend is a thing that doesn't exist, so when it's 6am, there he is, asking to get his food and go out for a potty break.
Slowly, we are giving him more freedom around the house, and leave him alone for a longer time. However, since he is a social choco-bomb, he does not like to be alone for long.

We are also very lucky, because most places we used to go pre-Cooper, are always happy to welcome him, so we have no troubles to bring him along for a dinner or even a pub visit.

In the months he's been part of the family, we are constantly surprised by how fast he learns new concepts, and how smart he is. So smart, that he "decides" when to listen to us or not... Smartass!
But all in all, we are very happy that he's part of our lives!

Cooper-Choco-Lab Instagram Page

You can see more of him on his Instagram page; I try to keep it as up to date as possible: Cooper Insta Page

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See you soon!

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Cooper-Choco-Lab-6months. Photo by Barbara Santos for Portys' Diary.

Finally back to the blog after a break; call it lack of inspiration, or just not in the mood for it, but it was mostly laziness. And for that my apologies.
I will try to post more frequently, and I actually have several blog post ideas already lined up, so stay tuned! It won't take months until my next post. :)

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