The family is growing: we got a puppy!!!

by - Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Get to meet our new family member, Cooper; a 7 week old Labrador Retriever.


If you are following me on Instagram, this post is quite obvious, but in case you aren't (yet, cause it'd be great to meet you there as well), then I would like to take some of your time to introduce you to my (or ours, mine and Mr.A's) family member.

Before I start babbling, this is Cooper!

Get to meet our new family member, Cooper; a 7 week old Labrador Retriever.

This little guy is our 8-week old Labrador Retriever, and besides his cute looks, he's an adorable, super energetic, funny and clumsy fella.

For the longest time, we wanted to have a pet, but life circumstances didn't allow us to do so, just until now! In case you read this post, this was the "secret project" I was mentioning in there.
From the moment we decided to have a dog in our lives until now, it was quite a project that we tried to prepare ourselves the best we could.
It started with us deciding if we wanted to have a puppy or an older dog; then, we went to which breed we wanted and how to get it, if by adopting or buying.
Eventually, we decided to buy a puppy because we wanted to have the chance to raise a dog from scratch. Quite a crazy thought of us, but you know: what's life without challenges?!

Long story short, we are super happy with him, still figuring out how to do this puppy training. One thing is for sure: we got ourselves another full-time job! 
Sorry if I may be a bit out of words, but I am writing this post while staring a Cooper... He's just too cute!! haha

I will probably write more posts about him, for all of you dog lovers out there, and also because this a lovely journey to go through and document!

Cooper's first days at home:
The garden is his favorite spot;
Leaves are fuuuuun!
1st vet appointment: successful.
1 night crying.
Loves to roll over on his living room pillow.
4.5 kg of pure cuteness.
There is no such thing as "too much food"

If you like to be more up to date with Cooper's adventures, then please check him out on Instagram:

And that's it for now! 
If any of you reading this is a dog owner, please share your tips & tricks on things like potty training, leash walking, commands training and so on. 
We will be very grateful!

See you soon!

& Cooper

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Get to meet our new family member, Cooper; a 7 week old Labrador Retriever.

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  1. He's cute indeed! And now tired from the walk and playing, haha