Back from a little blogging break

by - Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Back form a little blogging break - why is ok to do so and what reasons I had to be away for a little way. Be ready for a personal post.


It is about time I am back to the blogging world, after one week off. 
This past week was such a shity one that I really didn't feel like sitting behind the computer and write posts like everything was A-OK. I figured it would be better if I just take my time, and come back here when feeling better.
From time to time, is also healthy to take a little break from the online world and just feel comfortable with doing so. After all, blogging remains a hobby for me; so nothing is mandatory.

I had some blog post ideas planned for this past and upcoming week, but since life took a turn, those posts are no longer valid; at least not right now. On the other hand, I don't want to get into specifics about what happened but let's just say, there was something super exciting planned to happen these days, but somehow, it isn't happening anymore due to circumstances completely out of my control.

Now, in all honesty, it really sucks big time!
I was so looking forward for this to happen and suddenly it ain't anymore; on the bright side, if all goes well, this should happen in about  1.5 months from now. 
Patience is the keyword for the upcoming times. Ah, that and luck! I hope this time, luck is on my side and life doesn't play a trick on me again.

All I can say, for now, is that once it happens, I will be more than glad to share with you; keep your eyes open for future posts or mentions about this subject in my social media.

Meanwhile, I will be working hard on my patience skills (which I kind of lack of...).
*fingers crossed*

Another thing that kept me away from blogging, or any activities on the blog's social media, was the fact that I've finally decided it was time for me to try to get more rest; good quality rest.
I am pretty sure I am not the only one out there with sleeping issues, but in my case, it got pretty bad throughout the last year.
Basically, I got into this downward spiral of going to sleep late and waking up early; every night going to sleep later and later, yet, the next morning my alarm would still go off damn early in the morning.

I thought it would be just fine, after all, when I was younger, a few hours of sleep were never an issue, but now tables have turned. 
My body and mood started to reflect the lack of enough rest, and it was about time to take some action.
If any of you reading this post also struggles with lack of proper sleep/rest, please share with me what do you do to fight it.
For now, I've been trying to get at least 7h (aiming at 8h) of sleep, doing some meditation in order to unwind from the busy days and no electronic devices 1h to 1h30 prior bedtime.

I am fully aware this will be a long process to go through, but I can notice a slight improvement so far!
Let me know if you wish to know more about it in some time from now.

But for now, I think this is the update I wanted to share with you and explain a bit why I have been away from the blog.
Keeping it real! That's how I like to do it.

I will try to get back to the normal blogging-schedule a.s.a.p.

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See you soon!

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  1. A break is sometimes needed, I defo need to start turning off electronics before bed! x

    1. Hi Ella!
      Thanks for stopping by and leave a comment.

      Yeah, electronics are so distracting and keep your brain busy. Not a good idea if you need to rest. Give it a try. ;)

  2. I've had the same struggles with sleep. I always find that it's work stress! I also don't use any devices 1-1.5 hours before sleeping, instead I read or meditate. I found the calm app works well - there are sleep stories on there that lull my into that relaxed state. I also have magnesium tablets and melatonin (I try to take magnesium more often because they are natural sleep aids). I had a couple of weeks break from my blog and it was probably the best thing I did!

    1. Hi Kate!

      Thanks for stopping by & take the time to read & comment.
      I have also downloaded the "Calm" app, I still have yet to try it. So far, going to bed earlier is really helping me out! Can't underestimate the power of a good night sleep, can we?
      Breaks can be so refreshing, don't you think?
      xo, B.

  3. Wow...I love the look of your blog. Like seriously!
    To the post, i totally relate. As a self diagnosed insomniac, late nights are a given for me right now. I understand how the lack of sleep can catch up with you at some point. I'm glad you took the time to take care of yourself.
    You're right, patience is a virtue. Fingers crossed that in 1.5 months, it will all pay off.
    Take care.

    1. Hi Joanne,

      Thank you so much for you kind words 7 I'm glad to know you liked my blog. A pleasure to have you here!
      I see I am not the only one with sleeping issues; hope you can find something to have better sleep. It's sooo important!

      xo, B.

  4. A break is sometimes needed to give a person time to reflect and to rest. So I happy to hear that you are taking time to rest because if you don't take care of yourself, who will!

    1. Hi Lanae,

      Such wise words you just wrote!!

      xo, B.