Visiting Milan - part1 | #TravelThursday

by - Thursday, March 15, 2018


On today's #TraveThursday post, I thought it would be the best timing to share with you some of the sights of Milan.

I went for a weekend to Milan, back in mid-February. It was my first time there and didn't know what to expect of it, to be honest.
But first things first.

Why did I choose Milan?

Well, it's quite a story, actually. Let's go back to October.
I had a weekend trip booked to Lisbon,  you know those 48h "hello & goodbye" kind of visits. But to my surprise, I got an email from Ryanair alerting me to the fact that my flights had been canceled. Oh, I was soooo mad, when I read that email, you have no idea.
But everything has a bright side, right? And that was the fact that Ryanair gave me a voucher to use in any of my future bookings (except during Christmas & New Year's time frame). 
So, I went browsing on their website for a nice location where I could use that voucher and flying "for free". Milan ended up being the chosen one!

Fast forward to January, with everything already booked and so on, I get another email, this time from saying that the hotel had canceled my reservation "because they could not accommodate me anymore". Excuse me?! At this point, I almost fell like canceling everything, to be honest!
Eventually, I found another nicely located hotel for a decent price.
But to be honest, it kind of ruined my feeling about the whole trip.

Anyway, long story short, we eventually got to Milan and to my surprise it was as cold as back here in the Netherlands.
I think I left a "f*ck off" (the Portuguese version) slip off my mouth, the moment I stepped out of the plane.

Silly, didn't even care to check where in Italy Milan was. For my brain "Italy = Warm" no matter what time of the year.

It was a good start... so good that during the rest of the day, I looked like a frozen grumpy cat, not feeling like taking pictures. This was actually a feeling I had throughout the whole weekend; found it hard to photograph in the cold. Any tips??

On the bright side, across our hotel, there was a MARVELOUS pasta joint! 
Me and Mr.A even said to each other: "if the city s*cks, we just come to this place and stuff ourselves with food!"
And believe me; we could have done that! (but we didn't!) LOL 

Duomo, Milan - 2018 - Barbara Santos for - Shot with Sony a6000

Don't forget to come by next week, where I will start sharing my photo-diary of Milan!

Hope you enjoyed today's post!
Let me know in the comments if you have been to Milan and if so what were the highlights for you.
(Mine - or ours - are somehow already mentioned in this post... hahaha)

See you soon!

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