An evening with EPICA - Concert photos

by - Monday, June 19, 2017


WARNING: picture heavy post

There is a big chance that most people reading this post know the background but for those of you who may not, my boyfriend plays drums in a band.
So, a week ago I had the opportunity to check out Mr.A and his "compadres" playing in Dordrecht.
It was a fantastic show; both crowd and band were on top of their game and the synergy between both was just amazing.

Never I had seen such an intense Dutch crowd...

I thought to myself: "this is a great chance to go and take some photos".
During soundcheck, I wanted to try out my new lens but totally forgot to use it (fail...) and ended up using the kit lens all the time, and also during the show.

Now, let's make a few things clear before I overload you with photos:
I am not a PRO nor I have a "concert photography" setup. I just used my Sony a6000 with the kit lens. Also important to mention that I was quite far from the stage.
But hey: I tried!

A little reminder: all photos are my property. If you decide to use them then please give credits and do not cut or remove watermarks. Be cool, ok?😉

All photos w/ Sony a6000 & SEL1650

Now, tell me: did you like the photos? Have you got any favorite?
Also, I am willing to learn more so be free to share tips & tricks with me in the comments below. Much appreciated!

If you got curious about the band then please check to get to know them and maybe even check them out live! It will be fun I can guarantee you!

See you soon!

Next Post: June 22nd @ 9 am CET

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  1. Awesome pics, Miss B! So, your boyfriend is playing in a band?? :)

    1. Thank you Leo! Well, so it seems, hum? ;)

  2. That´s my girl!!!
    As fotos do Arien estão brutais!!! Em geral estão todas muito boas :)

    1. Obrigada!!!! Tenho que praticar mais neste tipo de ambientes...

  3. These photos are great and Simone in purple lights is my favorite! :)