52 Week Photo Challenge - Week #17

by - Thursday, April 27, 2017


Life is like a book; some chapters are happy, some sad and others exciting. 
But if you never turn the page...You'll never know what the next chapter holds.
Week 17/52
"Chapters" - all 4 books on this photo are on my "To-read pile" 🙊
Last week I showed you my love for coffee, this week it was time to share another passion of mine: books!
Love them as far back as my memory can go.
The affection for book shops and libraries is just as big.

No wonder I have a large pile of books to read, but somehow, that does not disturb me; books are timeless and patient.
And never forget: even on the loneliest times, a book will be your best companion.

Do you also like books? Which is your favorite type to read?

Photo details:
Location: Home! 😊
Settings: Sony a6000, ISO50000, 30mm, f/5.0, 1/60s.

See you soon!

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