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by - Monday, November 14, 2016

Hello everyone!

So, we are back to business!! *CONFETTI*

As you may have noticed, either from checking the blog out or from my last post  (HERE), the lack of posts the last months was obvious.

This year has taken some funky (to put it in a nice way) twists and my attention was diverted to other subjects.

Lost my view on what I would like to write about, some call it inspiration. As if I got lost along the way; lost the vision.
"Finding the way" - Lisbon - October '16 - by Miss B
But, some time away made me realize that I missed blogging. I missed writing about things that mean something to me. It may sound very selfish but a personal blog is somehow selfish. Or else, you are just being bombarded with another marketing campaign... Not here, fellas!

So, I grabbed my thoughts, paper and pen and tried to remind myself why I started this blog, what went wrong (as if there's right or wrong when it comes to a blog) and how I can prevent this absence to happen again.

As you can read on the About page (which got an update), there it is stated what my interests are and it is a clear indication on how I envision this blog.
It's all about going back to the roots.

But let's see what we've got new over here:
New layout: what would it be a fresh start without a new outfit, right? :)
Language: I am seriously going to try to write more in Portuguese; not just because it is getting rusty but because I would like to reach out more to my fellow Porties out there. English posts will remain.
Frequency: The plan is to have a weekly story; if time allows or life gives me lemons, I'll make more lemonade (aka new posts haha).
Main Subjects:
  • PT - NL life related posts
  • Travel: I'll keep my trip diaries.
  • Food; might not be just recipes! Tips and Suggestions will also be included, with a strong connection to my Portuguese origins.
  • Photography; I am counting on you for feedback on my journey through this new but very interesting World.
  • Beauty: occasionally, some post will pop-up. Sorry; I'm still a girly-girl! :)
There will still be room for any random posts, but I am going to try to keep this blog as active as possible. 
So yeah, stick around, leave your feedback (kindly appreciated), if you will, follow via the social media (links available on top + side + -bottom bars) or if you prefer, subscribe via email and get my latest posts directly on your inbox. Easy right? :-)
I am very excited to restart this Diary and share my adventures, thoughts, experiences and tips&tricks with you!

Hope to see you soon!

Photo details:
Sony a5100 50mm
ISO 125 f/5.6 1/80

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  1. My only suggestion is that you must keep some frequency on posting (weekly is good), so people would get use to wait for a new post:) Other than that, just keep the beauty posts minimal (just kidding).haha
    Good work!

    1. Suggestions noted! :)

      You can expect new post every week.