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by - Saturday, January 17, 2015

Yes, it still works and there's still a Porty on this side of the screen trying to update this online diary, but life does not always cooperate. Or shall I just be honest and say I should work on my time management skills?! :-D

Oh well.... We're already half way this month of January in a new year and as the saying says: New Year, New Life (at least in Portuguese it says that).
But so far, nothing has changed much, which does not mean that important things didn't happen. They sure did....

After such a rough start of 2014 and honestly being a damn tough year, I was really hoping for a better start of 2015. I had high hopes; for once, I had.
December was already an indicator that I would probably be wrong, but I didn't want to see it that way. Day after day, life just moved on, and so did I (literally!).

You know those times that you just think to yourself "I wish something new happen; kinda tired of the very same old things"? I had that. If only I knew how damn crazy December would turn out... Should have kept my mouth shut!!!
Anyway, I don't want to focus on the bad things, but it's difficult.
Good things also happened; fun moments also popped up and the transition to 2015 was actually a damn great one! A hell of a party together with my fellow Porties. A party to remember good old times.
I missed them!!! It has been over 5 years without celebrating this with my friends and I felt the need to be with them. Yes, I miss you, buddies!
Spending Christmas and NYE in Porty-land was a bit bittersweet but I tried my best to enjoy it.

Back to 2015; back to Tulip-land and all the crap was waiting.... Boxes pilled up, things to be fixed and arranged, but most of all, dealing with the loss of loved ones... That I didn't expect.
Once again, Christmas/NYE will be linked to a very sad event; is this some sort of curse in my life?... Just wondering.

Now, I am still hoping for a great 2015 and I wish everyone the same (like the 2 people who read this blog.... LOL).
My thoughts for this 2015:

Live the present and enjoy every single moment!
Give your best;
Work hard;
Show the people you love that they mean something to you; you never know when you won't be able to do so anymore;
Have fun;

It may sound cliché but that's exactly how I feel. Life is just to short to be worked up about things that do not matter!

Oh! And I should write more! :)

"I'll be back!"

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  1. It is funny how you mention this year wasn't your best, because it was the same for me too... I just hope you start the year with strength, the same as I do. And, remember... That the seeds of what we make at the present moment will have results of some sort, no matter what :)

    Best wishes,