Reality Check - 1, 2, 1, 2...

by - Wednesday, June 04, 2014

I know I'm a bit late regarding these news, but that doesn't matter to me, to be honest. It all started with the news that Switzerland had a voting going on where the people had to say if they were in favor or against the introduction of minimum salary per month.
If the Swiss would have voted in favor of this suggestion, Switzerland would have become the country with the highest minimum salary in the World!
Here are the numbers that the Swiss rejected:

For a 42 hours/week, 18EUR/hour, meaning a total of 3270EUR/month....

On the other hand, Switzerland has a very high living cost so perhaps 3270EUR/month isn't that much, but what really strikes me is the different realities existing in Europe at the moment.

Now, here comes the shocking part: in Porty land this minimum salary it's only 485EUR/month.... Yes, 485EUR.
Perhaps some Central/Northen Europeans would say "oh in Porty land the living cost isn't as high as in X or Y country" or even "we pay more taxes than they do" and so on.
Even if all this would be true, how can someone survive with only 485EUR/month? I'm not even taking into account the income tax that people have to pay...

To me these different realities are the proof that we cannot have a real Europe if things are so different from country to country. Perhaps, Switzerland wasn't a good example as they are not part of the EU, but here it's an overview:

I could keep on talking about this subject now, but it really upsets me, even though I don't live in Porty land, I can't avoid feeling frustrated and sometimes even disgusted by the many measurements being held back there.
In a future post, I will write about what most young people are facing nowadays... Not now, I'm already upset just from looking at these numbers...

Sorry, Mrs Merkel, but Europe isn't the same everywhere meaning that your politics/ideas may (and don't and shouldn't) not apply in other countries!


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  1. At the moment, Porty land has taxes as high as a North European country, if not higher for some cases! Taxes can go up to 70% of your income.

  2. Pois, as coisas por cá estão caríssimas (na semana passada, por exemplo, paguei 300 euros no veterinário...). E há gente que acha que nós não pagamos sequer impostos, sabias? Sim, noutro dia uma portuguesa emigrada em França há 20 e tal anos disse-me isso!
    Bjsss et bon courage!

  3. Na realidade, a Merkel impõe aos outros países, nomeadamente a Portugal, as medidas que ela entende que melhor defendem os interesses do seu país. O que seria legítimo...não fosse o caso de ela ser a "chefe suprema" da UE, já que o presidente da Comissão Europeia é apenas verbo de encher. Basta ver que até um antigo comissário europeu afirmou que o resgate a Portugal apenas tinha servido para resgatar...os bancos alemães que tinham dívida portuguesa. Ao mesmo tempo a nossa dívida pública subiu a níveis nunca antes atingidos, o desemprego é o que se vê, etc. Há quem diga (e não anda longe da verdade) que o que o Hitler não conseguiu com a guerra a Merkel irá atingir através da economia.