Safety Distance

by - Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I remember in those classes for my driver's license talking about keeping a safe distance between cars. It's indeed necessary, but some people take it too literally, I think.

Here, in the Tulip's country, there are quite long traffic jams, almost every day, throughout the whole country. It's quite understandable if you think that it's a small country with over 15M inhabitants. Obviously, not all drive a car, but it's just for an idea.

What they forget to mention, is that most drivers keep a super large safe distance between cars, while on a traffic jam. What I mean is, a distance that could easily fit one extra car (and sometimes a bus! or 2 cars)....
In Porty-land, usually, it's the other way around. Every one drives as close as possible from the next car, which most of the times lead to accidents...

If all drivers would do so, then the traffic jam would be enormous!!! There should be a little be of common sense, and in my opinion it's quite selfish that some drivers do this.
Annoys me very much, I must admit....

So, yes, keep your safe distance but please, do NOT exaggerate!

Oh... this reminds me I might fall into a traffic jam later today.... *loading extra patience*

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