From NYC with love #1

by - Saturday, February 22, 2014

Finally, I've got the time to write about NYC.
It was a dream for me to go there, at least once, and now all I can say is that I want to go back ASAP!!!! hihihi

I had such a great time there, that it gets very difficult to put it in words.

The journey started very early in the morning, as our flight was departing from Amsterdam. As usual, check-in was done online, so no time wasted at desks. Just drop off the luggage and done.
Waited for a couple of hours because we were at the airport a bit early (but with Dutch trains, you just never know...), meaning I had plenty of time to wonder around at the Duty Free area... hihihi
Schiphol airport it's like a shopping mall where they actually have flights to some places! Cool concept, I'd say! haha

The flight was pretty smooth but HOT!! And I mean it; it was soooo warm in that plane that I got so sick that I nearly fainted. 
Anyway, after some looong waiting at the customs, we were ready to go to NYC! A tip; if you land in JFK or La Guardi, take the NYC Airporter to downtown Manhattan. It's a bus service, running every 20/30min, that will take you directly from the airport to your hotel. I totally recommend it, super convenient and much cheaper than taking a cab.
In less than an hour, we were at our hotel, with a lovely view to the Empire State Building, totally in for Valentine's Day with some pink lights shining on it. Great!!!! :D
1- Nice blue birds at Shiphol airport
2- Brasileira as a language on KLM menu... As far as I know, Brasileiro it's not a language; it's Portuguese!
3- Our hot meal during the flight; quite okay I'd say
4- First glimpse of Times Square!!!
5 & 6 - Drinks and snacks at Applebee's; super yummy! (let's not think about Pepsi though...)

I will be back asap with diary #2!!!!
We had a great time in NYC so you can expect LOOOOOTS of pics!! hahaha


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  1. Great picture of times square! I'm waiting for your next post and pictures!:-D