Hello 2014!

by - Friday, January 03, 2014

So, it's been way too long since last time I wrote. The truth is that days were gone so fast that I just didn't find the time to write nor had anything special to write about.

For those who celebrate it, Christmas is somehow pretty much the same all over the place. In the end, we all end up doing the same things and I'm no exception.
When New Year's Eve approaches, a mix of feelings invade our hearts. Some of us always remember the good things that happened during the year that it's about to end but others, also remember not so good things that might have happened.
NYE it's always bittersweet for me; nevertheless, I always try to get the best out of it. The last one was, again, no exception. It just got more bitter (or bitterer?!...) than usual. But that's life.

If you ever followed Math classes and wonder "why do I need to learn all this crap?" "This is useless!'', well, I've got some news: It is not!
Thanks to math classes, I could even translate a Chocolate Mousse recipe into some cute simple formulas or I could just use the Sinus Curve to describe life in general....
Once you hit the lowest point of a valley, there's no other solution than just start rising up towards a neutral point until you reach once again the max.

So, if you are at the valley, just raise your head up, and think positive! If you happen to be up at the highest point, enjoy it while it lasts! There might be a day that you just start falling down again. But on the bright side: it's an endless cycle: up -> down -> up ->.....

2014: Please BE NICE!


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