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by - Saturday, January 25, 2014

If you are a tea/coffee lover, you know how important is to have a good mug to keep your tea/coffee nicely warm for a while. 
I personally, like to have tea as a long drink, meaning drinking it slowly. If I pour it into a regular mug, most probably, it will be cold after a few minutes. Not nice!

So, I was very surprised when I got this lovely cup as a Christmas gift. Here's a little description:

The double-walled titanium cup consists of two thin walls of titanium, and this attractive item is made of titanium, a strong and safe material.These items are vacuum sealed, keeping hot things hot, and cold things cold for many hours.Even when placing ice inside, condensation will not form on the outer surface.Ice will remain longer and not dilute beverages quickly.The cup edge is thin, ensuring smooth contact with your mouth when drinking.
 The SUS Tianium Vacuum Cup joins tradition with advanced technology. The rough exterior is that of traditional Japanese pottery, but made from titanium, a cutting-edge material. The snow-like, crystalline surface pattern is produced by our unique and sophisticated manufacturing technique. (...) Our products are meant to stimulate all five senses with a unique texture to touch, the sound of ice cubes against the cup walls, the taste and aroma of your beverage, all while being pleasing to the eye. This unique titanium vacuum cup has been patented.

Here's how it looks:

This will probably be my most use cup for the upcoming times... :)

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  1. Huuummmm. looks nice. where can we buy one?