From Portugal with love #2

by - Wednesday, November 06, 2013

On day 2 of our last trip to Porty land, we drove south. I wanted to show Mr.A how diverse Porty land is, so our first destination was Évora!
Évora is a very nice city, in the province Alto Alentejo and it preserves the traditional southern architecture. If you want to know more about history and so, click here.

First stop: Praça do Giraldo. A sunny central square, where you can just sit down, have a good expresso and prepare your feet & legs for some serious walking.

We walked through the narrow streets, passed by several monuments but I had in mind a specific one...

The Roman Temple of Évora. It's classified by Unesco as World Heritage Site and it was built in honor to the Goddess Diana.

It's quite an impressive site if you think it's still there since the Roman times...

Then, we had a very nice lunch (which I have no picture of) at a little square where the City Hall is located. Charming, cozy and relaxing!

With some heavy stomach we were in need of some more walking and the last destination was kind of a creepy one, but we sure couldn't miss it!

We stopped by the Capela dos Ossos, which is a chapel where walls are covered with bones. More info here.

From there, we drove to another destination, to meet a very good friend of ours! We sure had a good time, and Mr.A had another perspective of Portugal, because as like many other countries, Portugal it's not only Lisbon and Porto...
There's more and equally interesting and worth to visit!

So, did you like this little glance of Évora? We sure did!

I will come back with Day #3, asap! For now, let's just grab some dinner in the form of a traditional southern Portuguese dish!!! Yummieeeeee :D


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  1. "Portugal it's not only Lisbon and Porto..." Of course not! ;)
    Some places seems with many places in Brazil, like Pernambuco .. lovely !!

  2. Great pictures! Didn't you take any of Montemor's castle?

    1. Tenho sim, mas dps ficavam mts fotos! ;)
      N estão esquecidas.