Relativity Theory? Yes please!

by - Friday, August 23, 2013

We all know the famous sentence "Time is relative", but from my point of view that's not the only thing that's relative.

On a sunny day, while talking with some colleagues about enjoying the summer and going to the beach, one said:
C: - Oh, you can go to the beach also here!
Me: - Ah no... it's far away...
C: - No way! It's just 200kms.
If you are coming from a city which is 30 minutes (approx.) away from several beaches, 200kms are WAY too far!
Then I wonder:
         Is it only the time relative or everything is?
         Isn't it all about what your reference is?

Till next time!
Miss B.

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  1. does anyone 200km to go to the beach ... but on vacation!
    what is relativis is not the time or distance, i thinks that what are relative are the difrente realities which people live!
    For us who live in a place that the beaches are very close, 200km is crazy thing to do!

  2. That's for sure.