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Hello there!!! :-)

Do you need to cook something for tonight's meal but don't know what?
Or perhaps make a nice desert/cake?
No, what you are looking for is some reviews on beauty related items because you are also a beauty enthusiast or so you can get your friend/mamma a nice gift on that special day?
Actually not of the topics above mentioned; you are someone who likes to get to know new places or is planning your next holiday and need some tips?
Also not!
You are here just because you like lifestyle blogs and are in for some random blog posts, written by a Portuguese young lady, which can sometimes be a bit harsh (but funny, I think!) on her words, and let the southern temperament come through her words?

Well, guess what?!

I have got you covered!

That's it, fellas, over here, at Porty's Diary, I write about my every day adventures as a Portuguese expat living in the Tulip's country!
It can be really anything, as I like to keep this blog as personal and "real" as possible. Isn't that what a Diary is about?
I also like to share with you some opinions or tips&tricks when it comes to other subjects:

  • Beauty:
Yes; I like to wear make up or funky nail polishes (whenever I have the time for that... let's be real!), and I'm always curious to try out new products. On this blog, you will find honest and down to Earth opinions about several products I have tried along the way. Yes, it's my honest opinion and I'm not here trying to sell you anything; that's not my job! ;-)
Check out the "Beauty" topic on the Menu bar.
  • Cooking:
Knowing that I am not a Chef or Food decorator, I do like to cook&bake. I'm always looking for new recipes and more than willing to share with you some of most well known Portuguese delicacies! If there is something we "Porties" know about is Food! (and wine... and football... ok; I stop!) you can find all my adventures in the kitchen on the topic "Recipes" on the Menu bar.
  • Travel:
I simply love to travel and get to know new places, as much as I can!! But sometimes, all you feel like doing is to re-discover your home-country, right? I've got that too!
Do you need some ideas on where to go on your next holiday? Or you already know the destination but need some tips on places to check out or where to eat? Under the topic "Places" you can find that kind of information about the places I have been to, perhaps you find your answers there.

You may also find other subjects, just check out the "Labels" section; once in a while I like to post about home decor or easy DIY's (yeah, they have to be easy because I'm not good at that kind of stuff!), or books that I am currently reading (did I mention that I LOVE books??) or even about my adventure in getting fit again (check the topic "Fitness" if you want to know more).

So, as you can see, this blog is from someone "real" who wants to keep it real and hopes to be useful to you in some sort of way.
Just to remember that the idea of this blog came out while driving back from work and being faced with one of the many idiot drivers on a Dutch road... Amazing how a nice hobby can start from out of the blue.

Okay, now you wonder "who's this person writing all this things"?
There is a chance you already know me, so no need to answer, but if you don't, here are a few facts about me:

    • Miss B
    • Portuguese
    • Engineer (and a Physics enthusiastic aka nerd!)
    • Simple
    • Try to keep life not so complicated
    • Enjoy every moment to the max
    • My favorite question is "Why?"
    • Can't live without music but I equally enjoy the silence
    • Love to travel and get to know new people/cultures
    • No Sun, no happy Miss B
    • Like movies & series (currently addicted to House of Cards!!!)
and many more things.

So, now that you have made it this far, I assume you would like to come back. I would like to share another entry on this Diary with you. Therefore, don't forget to subscribe to the blog. How?
You can do it by subscribing by email, follow me on Bloglovin, follow by Google Friend, on Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram.
All links are available on the right side bar.

See you soon, on another page of this Diary!

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