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Welcome to Porty's Diary!

Who am I? You may wonder:

Bárbara, born in the mid-80's in the beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal. Grew up across the Tagus river (Rio Tejo, as we call it), very sporty back in the day, thought I wanted to become an astronaut or working at CERN but later on ended up graduating Physics Engineering, at a nice University located just 10min away from the beach (hard to fight those temptations, but managed!) and currently working for the Semiconductor industry as part of an R&D company. #nerd #guilty Later on, spent half a year in Brussels while the economic crisis was just booming back in Portugal; consequence: no jobs once I was finished with studies. Luckily, in the Netherlands they were looking for people with my profile. Packed my bags, hugged my family and friends hoping they wouldn't resent me or forget me, and off I started this new chapter; 2011-09-11 will be a day for in the books. Living the hard life as an immigrant ever since. It has its ups & downs.

On this blog, you will find stories about my experiences and adventures as an immigrant, who enjoys the country where she is based but truly misses her homeland.

But what does "Porty's Diary" actually mean?
Well, Porty is a cute nickname I've got since I am Portuguese and Diary because I want to keep this blog as personal as possible and share with you some of my adventures.

Photo by Emilie Garcin
Ever since I moved out of Portugal, it made me reflect on my origins and the country itself. What a beautiful country it is! There are several reports about it in the Travel section, along with other places I have visited. Travelling is for sure one of the things I like the most. This lead to a new interest, Photography, which I am trying to improve. Capturing the moment, keep the memories alive and transport them throughout the years is something that I like to do with my sweet Sony a5100/a6000. I'm a newbie, so bear with me! :-) As a true Portuguese, the moments spent with friends&family around a dining table are a must for me! Not that I am a super chef or whatsoever, but showcasing the diversity of the Portuguese cuisine to those who are unfamiliar with it, is something I also appreciate; you can find several of those Food posts under the label Food. Here are a few facts about me:
  • Miss B, one my nicknames
  • Portuguese
  • Engineer (and a Physics enthusiastic aka nerd!)
  • Simple
  • Try to keep life not so complicated
  • Enjoy every moment to the max
  • My favorite question is "Why?"
  • Can't live without music but I equally enjoy the silence
  • Love to travel and get to know new people/cultures
  • No sun, no happy Miss B
  • Like movies & series
  • Books are never too many!
and many more things. I would like to share another entry on this Diary with you. Therefore, don't forget to subscribe to the blog. How? You can do it by subscribing by email, follow me on Bloglovin, follow by Google Friend, on FacebookTwitterPinterest or Instagram. All links are available on the sidebar or footer.

See you soon, on another page of this Diary!