What to do while on quarantine: Tips and Activity plan

by - Thursday, March 19, 2020

What to do while on quarantine: Tips and Activity plan

The second post of the week, and this time, I am going to help you find things to do while staying at home, during this unprecedented time. Most likely, if I had to quarantine, I'd still work remotely.
So with all this information in mind, and if you are in the same situation as I would be, maybe these tips could be helpful.

What to do while on quarantine

The tips and ideas I am sharing in this post are some of the ones I would personally take if I had to quarantine. These are not meant to occupy your whole day, but instead for those moments that you may think: What am I going to do now?!
Keep in mind, that I do not have children, and we are a small family of 2 plus a dog, our lovely Cooper.

General Tips

1. Plan your days

The best way to avoid mixing working hours, while at home, and leisure time, is to plane your days. I am a huge fan of time blocking and it works perfectly in this situation. Grab a planner (I use one from Erin Condren and totally recommend it), or your agenda on the phone and make clear which hours you have to work and which hours you can use for fun things.

2. Keep your routine

This may sound weird, but the best way to stay productive while working from home is to do the same things you would do if you had to leave the house. That means, waking up at the same time, do your morning routine as usual and then, go and work; but remotely.

3. Make use of staying home

With this I mean stay comfortable while keeping your usual "outdoor routine" but indoors.

4. Define your working space/area

This is super important! In order to be productive and focused during your working hours, is better to have a place where your work-gear is stationed. If you have a home office, make use of it. If not, well, then improvise; perhaps a little corner on your dining table or so. But what's important is to define that space as your working space. Not the bed! That won't help you to stay focused, trust me.

5. Plan your free time

Once you are done with your working hours, it is important to have some plans for what to do with your afternoons/evenings. With that in mind, I made a 14-day activity plan that may be helpful.

14-day activity plan

Feel free to download this image and use it as a guide.

Day 1 - Start a new book.
If you are into reading but never find the time, now is the chance.

Day 2 - Movie night!
Find a movie you've been wanting to watch.

Day 3 - Board Game Evening.
I find this a great way to spend an evening or even an afternoon. My favorites are UNO, Mastermind, and Scrabble.

Day 4 - Sort your documents
Yep, we all have that drawer, folder, or even closet, with a bunch of documents that "need to be sorted but I have no time". Am I right?
Well, now it is a good time for that!

Day 5 - Pamper evening
Take a break, and enjoy a relaxing evening. A warm bath, face mask, lying on the couch... whatever it is that makes you relax.

Day 6 - Read new blogs
Perfect opportunity to catch up with your favorite blogs but also take the time to check new ones. A lot of travel bloggers, for example, are having a very hard time at this point, for obvious reasons. So, take some time to show them some love and support. But how to find them? Easy: Google - Travel Blog. Or if you are on Twitter, search the hashtag #travelblogger. Easy, right?

Day 7 - Netflix & chill
Clear enough, right? haha, I love a good Netflix marathon; binge-watching new series, or old favorites; it doesn't matter. Get the popcorn ready, a cozy blanket and enjoy!

Day 8 - Organize your closet
Best time to declutter items you don't wear or even start transiting the items in your closet to springtime. Put on some nice music to keep you going, and before you notice, the job is done!

Day 9 - Start an online course
The internet is filled with learning opportunities, you just need to have the will to learn something new. Maybe something that can be relevant to your job, or to your hobbies, or even something completely new. I don't know about you, but I could easily fill a whole month with new things to learn or e-courses to enroll! haha

Day 10 - Sort your photos
Got tons of photos on your smartphone and never do anything with them? Or even on a hard disk? Well, here is a great time to sort them out and do a backup. Delete those that don't make any sense, and keep the photos you like the most.

Day 11 - Start Book #2
I think by now, book #1 is finished so, why not start a new one? Reading is a great way to relax and keeps your mind busy with good things. If possible, read a book in a different language than your native language, this way, you can improve your vocabulary in a language you may have not mastered yet.

Day 12 - Movie #2
Yep, never too many movies, am I right? haha Just avoid the popcorns this time, and prep some healthy snacks. Or even have a tapas evening while watching a nice movie.

Day 13 - Make a photo album
Remember the photos you sorted on day 10? Well, instead of having them just on your phone and never look at them, why not make an album, get them printed, shipped to you and admire the lovely memories you gathered? There are many online services to make photo albums.

Day 14 - Netflix & chill #2
Yahoo!!! Quarantine is almost over, so why not closing it with a golden key? So yeah, get the family together, and do a Netflix marathon one more time. You never know when you will have time do to it again.

Extra: If you like to work out, remember that there are a lot of ways to workout at home! Just because you are home, doesn't mean you have to stop working out.

- - - -

I hope you liked this post and somehow these ideas can help you make the best of your days while staying home.

ICYMI: read how is Covid-19 affecting me and my life.

Remember to follow your local authorities' advice on this pandemic. Together we can beat this!

See you next week!

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What to do while on quarantine: Tips and Activity plan

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