What gear I take on travels

by - Thursday, March 05, 2020

Tech gadgets I take on travels.


Most of the time when I'm packing for a trip, clothes are the last items that go in my suitcase. You may wonder what goes first; without any doubt, it has to be all my tech gear or gadgets.
I may not know what to wear, but I sure know what gear I take on my trip! 😂
And that is the subject of today's post.

What gear I take on travels

When talking about gear (or gadgets) I take on travels, they are easily divided into two groups: photo gear and others! Simple, right? 😉
Let's see what each group contains.

Photo gear


Sony a6000

I own this camera since December 2016 and so far I love it! For me, this is the perfect camera to travel with; small and lightweight, even though it's not the most recent on the market.
The one thing I wish this camera had would be weather/dust seal.


Sony kit lens 16-55mm - for the lazy days. 😇
Sigma 16mm f1.4 - for the wide-angle shots.
Sony 35mm f2.8 - love it especially for night time shots, even more than the Sigma lens.

I'm thinking of adding a wide-range zoom lens to my kit but haven't made up my mind yet. Sometimes, I miss the possibility of having zoom capability, especially when I spot nice details far away and it's not possible to physically move closer.


Lens and sensor cleaning kit
Super handy to have while on a trip and be able to clean all dust particles or fingerprints from any of the lenses, as well as, remove any particles that may have been deposited on the camera sensor.
Some time ago, I shared a post on how to clean a mirrorless camera sensor; check it out. To this day, I still apply this method, especially, when exchanging lenses outdoors.

SD card
I go nowhere without a Lexar SD card! Period.
No SD card, no travel.
Ok, perhaps that's exaggerated... or not. 😂
Currently, I have a 64GB 250mb/s Lexar card and totally recommend it.

Extra batteries
Imagine you are at this beautiful location and your camera's battery just died... Not cool right? That is why I always carry a couple of extra batteries. 
Ok, I could perhaps use my phone to take the shot, but you know, once you get used to shooting with a camera, it gets hard to use a smartphone for that purpose. 



Nowadays most things can be done on a smartphone, even photo editing, call me old fashioned, but I just simply can't do those things unless I have my laptop with me. 
I carry around an HP 13" pavilion laptop; light, compact, with battery life long enough and with processing capabilities in case I want to edit photos/videos while on the go.
Oh, and most important thing: I combine it with a 1TB LaCie drive which is water, shock, and dustproof!
Ideal combo, if you ask me.


My good friend Kobo ebook always comes along, no matter how long my trip will be. It comes particularly handy for long flights, train rides or even on those nights when you just can't sleep, whether it's due to jetlag or you just had too many impressions over the day.

- - - -

Now tell me: am I the only one who packs her gear before clothes? haha

Let me know in the comments below what gear (or gadgets) do you take on a trip.
For today that's it for me; I hope you liked this post!

See you next week!

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Tech gadgets I take on travels.

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  1. Ah I would so love to own a Sigma lens, they've been on my wishlist for the longest time! xo

    Makeup Muddle

    1. Sigma lenses are indeed great! Compared to other brands, they are at a very good price point and you get good quality. Recommend!