Blogging in 2020 - New Year, New Plans

by - Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Blogging in 2020 - New Year, New Plans. New Content direction, schedule and overall plans. This blog is becoming a Travel Blog.


How are you doing today?
I hope your 2020 has started the best possible way, and you are enjoying it so far.
Have you got your resolutions list ready?

I know most people do it even during the last days of the previous year, but for me, I always need a couple of weeks into the new year to actually figure out what I would like to accomplish in the new year.

And that is what I'll be sharing with you on today's post!

Blogging in 2020 - New Year, New Plans

You may have noticed that during 2019 I had a tough time keeping up with blogging, I guess I even mentioned a few times that I thought about giving up on blogging.

But after much thought and consideration, I am happy to tell you that the blog will remain active in 2020!!

The reason why I sometimes fall out of love with blogging is that I make it too hard on myself, and try to do more than what I actually can.
Another reason was that I sometimes did not know what to write about, as if I didn't know what my "blogging passion" was.

But now I know!!

So, long story short, what can you expect of this blog during 2020:


Short Answer: 


Long Answer:

Throughout the years, I realized that travel-related posts are my favorite to write and the ones I can actually produce more content about. 
Not only I love to travel, but I also like to share the photos and stories I gather during my trips, that is why, after much thought, I figured that the next chapter for Porty's Diary, will be to become a Travel Oriented Blog.
Just think of it as a Travel Diary of a Portuguese Girl, if that helps. 😊

Why "Travel Oriented Blog" and not "Travel Blog"?

Well, that is because I may want to share with you some other subjects, lifestyle mostly (like books, movies, concerts, Cooper), but those will be a minority.
And also, because I'd like you to see me more as a person who likes to share travel-related content but not just that. Do you know what I mean? 
I hope this all makes sense... haha

To put it in numbers: 90% travel posts + 10% lifestyle posts


1 post per week: Tuesday or Thursday
Tuesday - non-travel related.
Thursday - travel-related content.

So, there will mostly be new posts every Thursday at 8AM CET.

I will, of course, update everyone on new posts via all my social media platforms; links at the bottom of this post.

Future Plans

For now, I will stay on the Blogger platform, but I am currently considering if migrating to WordPress makes sense for me and this blog.

I know most people read blogs on the their phones, so to have a platform that allows me more flexibility and is mobile friendly is an important point.

I also want to learn more about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how that can help me to bring my blog to the next level, whatever that may be.

My biggest wish for 2020

To be consistent with blogging and provide you with the best content I can possibly create!

- - - -

What do you think of this year's plans? 

If you like my blog's content and the plans for 2020, then please don't forget the posts you may find useful with your friends and family.

Let 2020 be the year of positivity and sharing valuable content with one another.

See you next week!

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Blogging in 2020 - New Year, New Plans. New Content direction, schedule and overall plans. This blog is becoming a Travel Blog.

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  1. All the best with your blogging plans/goals for 2020! I think it's always good to set yourself some ground rules to keep yourself motivated!


    1. Thank you Rachel, I totally agree with you! 😊

  2. Happy 2020! I think that writing down your goals is the best way to be successful. With blogging and working for yourself, it is crucial to establish accountability and you are truly on the right path.


    1. I totally agree with you! It also makes it easier to not get lost in a pile of "to-do lists", don't you think? :)
      Thanks for your comment, Mary.
      xo, B.