Cooper turned 1 year old

by - Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Cooper is 1 year old! Our chocolate Labrador Retriever had his first birthday party.


It has been two weeks since Cooper celebrated his first birthday, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that today's post is all about our beloved choco-lab-bomb.

Cooper - 7 weeks old Chocolate Labrador Retriever.
Cooper at 7 weeks old - just got home!

August 25th was Cooper's birthday. He had no idea what that meant, but I was super excited about it!!
I've been thinking what to do on this day to make him feel extra special, knowing that most likely he wouldn't even have a single clue why I'd be doing so.
He is perfectly happy with a walk in the park and playing fetch, non-stop!

Birthday boy - Cooper and his birthday cake.
Birthday boy!! Cooper is 1 year!!!

But you know, you only have a 1st birthday, right?! whaha
So, we got him some new toys (not that he needs it, to be honest, but still), a new stock of tennis balls - they somehow get lost in the park.... - a new chewing bone and even a dog cake.

I thought about baking one for him, but that weekend was a complete mess and time was limited.

Cooper's birthday cake by LoLo Pets.
Birthday cake by Lolo Pets - Super yummy and crunchy

We and Mr. A's parents pampered Cooper as much as possible until he would start feeling that we were annoying! hahaha
I should not forget to thank everyone who sent a message to wish Cooper a happy birthday!! We felt the love :-)

Long story short, he had a marvelous day and loved his cake, which was basically a cookie with forest fruits topping. I got this at PetsPlace store, so it's totally dog approved.
It was so funny to so him a bit like "wtf is this?!" whaha but as soon as he got the taste of it... It was gone in no time! haha

Cooper and Remos - best friends!
Meeting his BFF at the park & having a lovely time together!

It's so hard to believe that this "little" chocolate bomb is already 1!!! Time does fly...

Really, he is such a good dog; he's got his temper but in essence, he is a sweetheart. I've never met any other dog as sweet as him, as social as him and as hungry as him! LOL
This guy could eat the whole day. That and play fetch!!

I'm always so proud of him to see that he is a true Labrador Retriever. He has all features - physically and mentally - of what you expect from a dog of his breed.

Cooper and his birthday gifts from Kong and Farm Food.
Not spoiled; good boys deserve the best!

Life is different, in many ways, since Cooper is with us but I wouldn't change it a bit.

- - - -

For all of you dog lovers (and owners), share with me how did you celebrate your buddies' birthdays.
I'll be glad to know.

Oh, before I go, you can follow Cooper on Instagram and be up to date with his activities: Cooper.Choco.Lab

See you soon!

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Cooper is 1 year old! Our chocolate Labrador Retriever had his first birthday party.

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