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by - Thursday, August 01, 2019

Travel - Visiting Vienna for the first time - part 2. A summary of a weekend city break. All photos with Sony a6000 and Sigma 16mm f1.4, by Barbara Santos for WWW.PORTYSDIARY.COM


The time has come to write the last part of this trip report, I know it's sad...
Ok, seriously!
Here I am for another post, and as you can see from the title, it's time for part 3 (and final) of this trip report about Vienna.
But before we continue this post, take a look at the first two in case you missed them:

Let's go visit Vienna - part 3

After visiting Belvedere, we took a tram back to downtown. 
We were heading to the Rathaus and the Rathauspark.
Just across the City Hall, there is the Burgtheater, designed by Gottfried Semper and Karl Hasenauer in 1888.

Burgtheater -  Vienna
 I really wish we had the time to go visit it since it's possible to join a tour (ticket adult price 7Eur), but hopefully on my next visit!

Just across the street, there is the  Rathauspark, which I really enjoyed; it looked extra beautiful during the sunset hours!
Rathauspark - Vienna
Vienna's City Hall from the park.
The day was slowly getting to an end, and so were our batteries, but we still wanted to go visit one site: Pratter!
According to the map, there would be a very large park, which is always something we like to check out, and also some outdoor playground.
We got there with Tram 1.
Unterer Prater -  Vienna
Unterer Prater 
As we walked here, I could only picture people having picnics on a sunny weekend, in this vast park. Apparently, Habsburbs once went hunting over here! 

After a long walk, we had arrived at Würstelprater.

Funfair at Würstelprater - Vienna
Funfair at Würstelprater.

If you are into funfair attractions, this is the place to be!!
There are so many fun things to do here, that I'm sure you can just simply send a whole day in here and never get bored.

rollercoasters at Würstelprater -  Vienna
One of the many rollercoasters at Würstelprater
But for me, this is only nice to look at; you won't see me taking any of these attractions!
A bit scared, I must confess.

Giant wheel at Würstelprater - Vienna
Ok, perhaps on this one... 

From here, we got back in the subway and went for dinner.
Since we were so tired and with no inspiration to search for a typical place, we just went to one of our favorite places: the Hard Rock Café. Easy & delicious!!!


Sunday morning, after breakfast, we still had a few hours to kill before heading back to the airport.
But that this point, we didn't really know what to go visit.
The morning had started a bit gloomy and being Sunday, we expected most places to be closed; and indeed, they were.

Karlsplatz // St Charles Square - Vienna
Karlsplatz // St Charles Square

We took a subway to Karlsplatz and were aiming to go visit the Naschmarkt, but soon realized that on Sunday, it is closed!
We went back to Karlsplatz and decided to go visit Karlskirche instead.

Karlskirche // St Charles Church - Vienna
Karlskirche // St Charles Church

Karlskirche, or St Charles Church, built between 1716 and 1739, it is Vienna's finest baroque church located at the southeast corner of Resselpark.
There were quite some families walking around, slowly starting their Sunday or going for brunches.
St Charles Church has free admittance, however, you can get an audio tour for 2Eur.
We didn't do that, as we had limited time.

Instead, we just walked around, and eventually, it was time to head back to the airport.

All in all, this was a very nice weekend trip and I am super glad we had the chance to visit Vienna. It was beyond my expectations, I must admit.

Do I recommend it?

- - - -

And that's it!
I hope you liked these travel report posts about Vienna, as much as I liked writing them and thinking of all the lovely memories gathered during this trip.
In case you missed the previous posts, here they are:

P.S.: there will be a vlog on my YouTube channel very soon!!

See you soon!

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Travel - Visiting Vienna for the first time - part 2. A summary of a weekend city break. All photos with Sony a6000 and Sigma 16mm f1.4, by Barbara Santos for WWW.PORTYSDIARY.COM

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