Happy Birthday, dear blog!!

by - Thursday, August 22, 2019

Happy birthday, dear blog! A retrospect to the last 6 years of blogging.


Today, this blog celebrates its 6th birthday!!! Hooray!!
It's somehow hard to believe that this blog is still alive after 6 years of its creation, and even though sometimes I grow out of love for it, I always miss it and come back.
In all honesty, I am very proud of myself for having this little space on the web where I can share all kind of things with the 3 people that read this blog. HAHA joking (ok, maybe 4!)

These are my favorite posts of each year of this blog.
It was tough to get to this selection, but at the same time, it's nice to look back at what I shared over the last 6 years.

Attention: some of these posts might be written Portuguese.
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Duality of word


Saudades: Yes or No?


Fitness | How to avoid unwanted talks


Rituais de "migras"


Sorry, but I couldn't select just one, so:
Vida de Emigrante | Companhias aéreas este é para vocês

You vs Society: What is expected once you turn 30

Week photo challenge week 39


Again, sorry, more than 1 favorite
The family is growing: we got a puppy

Today is a special day

What I learned as an immigrant

2019 (so far)

- - - -

I hope you've liked this post.
Throughout these last 6 years, I have many many favorites, but I decided to select my personal favorites. But now tell me, what were your favorites?

I hope you stick around for many more years because I'm not done yet!

See you soon!

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Happy birthday, dear blog! A retrospect to the last 6 years of blogging.

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