TAG | This or That - Travel edition

by - Tuesday, July 30, 2019

TAG - This or That Travel Edition

Hi everyone!

Here I am with a new post, and this time, a new TAG! I like answering TAG not only because you get to know me and my preferences but also because it can be quite funny, depending on which TAG you are answering.

For today, I'm going to answer a TRAVEL inspired TAG.
I found this TAG on Pinterest and it's made by  Kelsey in London. Let's go!

TAG | This or That - Travel edition

1. City / Nature

I love going on weekend city breaks, and it's by far the type of travel I do the most.

2. Airbnb / Hotel

Don't make fun of me, but I have no idea how an Airbnb works or even how you book it and so.
Not to say, I'm always a bit skeptical when it comes to staying at places which aren't "conventional" if you know what I mean.

3. Plane / Train

I love trains, however, when it comes to travel, I mostly take a flight.
Also, because most of the destinations are a bit far away for a train ride.
However, I wish I had done an interrail when I was younger...

4. Art / History

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know I love visiting places that are Historically rich, if you know what I mean.
Art is also nice, but I can skip it, most of the time. OR I even don't have the time to go and visit Museums...

5. Adventure / Relax 

It may sound weird, but I do relax on adventurous trips.
However, my concept of adventurous might be a bit different than the usual; going to a new place it's already adventurous enough for me, hahaha.
I don't need safaris or hiking trips.
Did I answer this question?! 

6. Beach / Mountains

Ohhhh tough one! I love the greenery of a mountain, but to be honest, I'm always craving for a beach holiday.
I miss the Sun and the Atlantic so much...

7. Plan it / Wing it

Plan it!
I'm not going anywhere without two things planned: transportation and where to stay!

8. Group / Alone

For me, one of the best things about traveling is to share that experience with people you love.
Whether it's family, friends or partner.

9. Backpack / Suitcase

I'd say 50/50.
It all depends on the duration of the trip.
And not to brag, but I guess by now, I've mastered the art of "pack light".

10. Resort / Cruise

However, I'd love to go on a cruise one day.

11. Sightseeing / Shopping

If you know me a bit by now the answer is quite obvious...

12. Party trip / Romantic trip

Party trips!
Even though most of my trips are done with Mr. A, we always make sure to have as much fun as possible.

13. Tourist spots / Hidden Gems

Can I say both!?
If I'm going to a new place that most likely it may take me a while to come back, I like to visit the hot spots (or touristic places), but I'm returning to a place I've been before, then, I always search for the hidden gems.
And of course, if my trip is long enough, then I like a good balance of touristic spots and hidden gems.

- - - -

And that's it, guys!
I hope you liked this TAG and my answers, and of course, feel free to do answer this tag as well. I'd be curious to know what your travel preferences are.

I'll be seeing very soon for another post.
Until then, take care!

See you soon!

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TAG - This or That Travel Edition

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  1. This is fun! I agree with a lot of your picks - though I enjoy trains over planes and have been taking a lot this year living in Europe. You should try out an Airbnb sometime, they can be really great!

    1. Yeah, I also enjoy trains but somehow it never fits my schedule. I'm curious about airbnb but I'm. Not really sure how it works.