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by - Thursday, April 11, 2019


It was mid-March when I finally visited Venice for the first time!
For the longest time, me and Mr. A have been talking about going to Venice, but somehow it just ever came to happen.
Until now, when we decided to go celebrate our 10th anniversary in this beautiful and so remarkable city.

As most weekend trips, we flew in on a Friday evening, after work, spent the whole Saturday strolling around, until our feet and legs were completely exhausted and flew back home on Sunday, in time to pick up our choco-boy (aka Cooper).

If I were to describe Venice in a few words, it would choose:
canals, tourists and gondolas.

Old news to you, perhaps, but I was amazed by a large number of canals in Venice, mostly because I didn't do any trip-preparation, so I didn't know much about the city.
Sometimes, it's best to just let yourself be surprised, I guess.
And what a beautiful surprise it was.

So, for today's post, I'm bringing you along on my Saturday stroll through the lovely streets (and canals!) of Venice, while I tell you some of the details of this trip and funny stories that happened.

We traveled from Brussels to Venice Marco Polo airport, on a direct flight operated by Brussels Airlines.
It had been a while since I flew with them, and even though it was comfortable, I honestly think they overcharge for the service you get, especially in comparison with other main flagship airlines.
If you want to drink or eat something, then it's not included in your ticket, for example...

Once we landed in Venice, we took a shuttle bus to the terminal and from there an express bus to Venice's center.
We knew that the bus would stop close to the main train station and that was close enough to our destination.
The bus ride was very comfortable and took no longer than 30minutes.

We got return tickets for 15Eur p.p, and we bought it at the arrivals hall, on a ticket machine. Such tickets are also available at ticket offices, once you pass the arrivals gate.

For hotel, we stayed at the BW Premier Collection Continental, nicely located and just a short walk from the main train station.
The commodities were just fine and the room very nice, however, the A/C was completely non-sense, we couldn't make it work to our liking.
Breakfast is always something I am quite picky about, but this time, I was very pleased with the diversity, yet, the vegan/vegetarian options were very limited.

Oh, I should not forget to mention that for the first time in my life, I could not find my hotel room. It was not indicated anywhere, and the hotel itself is a complete labyrinth. After 10min of searching, late at night, we got the concierge to help us find the room; not that he wanted to do so since he said: "it's not so difficult..."
We didn't get along from that point on.

You may not believe this, but I actually did not take a gondola ride through the city. I wanted to, because, who in his/hers perfect mind goes to Venice and does not take a gondola ride?
Well, me; it was just very expensive!
If my memory doesn't trick me, I guess it was 80Eur for a ride!!!
Maybe next time... if I win the lottery first! :) 

And this is it for part 1, of this travel diary!
I hope you liked the photos; on part 2 (yes, there will be a part 2!), I will be sharing more photos during sunset and night time, as well as other stories of my weekend trip to Venice.

See you soon!

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  1. Já está há muito tempo na minha bucket list. E, depois de ver as tuas fotos (estão tão boas!) ainda mais vontade tenho de lá ir:)

    1. Recomendo bastante, e além do mais, pareceu-me uma cidade que se visita bastante bem num fim-de-semana. ;)