Travel | Long haul flight essentials

by - Thursday, April 25, 2019

Travel | Long haul flight essentials. Features Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones and the best travel pillow ever.


Still living in the "San Francisco" mood, I figured it would be cool to share with you what are (or were) my long haul flight essentials.
These items were thought to make my whole journey more comfortable, so I'd arrive at my destination as sharp as possible.

However, I think they are equally suitable for shorter flights or even train or car rides, for example.

So without further due, here are my TOP 5

Long haul flight essentials

1. Noise canceling headphones

I'm one of those people that can't sleep or even rest if there is noise around, and when we finally made plans to go to San Francisco I knew I had to invest in a good set of noise canceling headphones, since my last trips to NYC had been terrible when it came to sleep in the airplane due to the noise.
The offer on the market is quite large and some brands/modules are very popular, however, when you go check the specifications there is only one set that it's actually very good.

And those are the Sony WH-1000XM3.

Picture from website.

They are worth every single euro you spend on them, seriously!! 
With a frequency range from 4 to 40kHz response, these guys will cancel pretty much anything you need. haha

I love mine and totally recommend them; the sound is amazing and very comfortable to wear.
Bought on

2. Travel pillow

I have had several types of travel pillows and they all the same issue: they hurt my neck.
So after some search online, I found this unusual type of neck pillow that promised to hold your head in place and without neck pain. And a plus, it would also serve as a scarf.
It sounded perfect to me.
Picture from website.
(and not me, obviously!)

And let me tell you: it works perfectly!!!
Totally recommend it.
I got mine on a Dutch webshop,, but if Amazon is available where you live, then you'll find it there.

3. Pressure socks

These are a must have if you are going to sit for a long time and suffer from bad blood circulation.
Well, I do, and if I sit for too long my lower legs start to hurt and feel very heavy.
At a friends recommendation, I decided to try these for the first time and it certainly helped.
My legs felt "light" the whole flight (or flights to be more exact) and since the blood flow is improved, I finally had warm feet as a bonus! YAH!
Picture from Bever's website.

Bought mine at a Dutch shop called Bever but you can find several options online

4. e-Book

Nothing relaxes me more than reading (ok, besides Headspace and its meditation sessions), so having an e-book is crucial when flying. It takes very little space in my bag and of course, it's lightweight.
I have the Kobo Aura H2O Edition 2 and love it!!
Oh, and the battery life is great as well.
Picture from website.

5. Pair of warm comfy socks

Last but not least, comfy socks. Oh, it's soooo great to not have to keep your shoes during the flight, as your feet may get swollen. So, comfy and warm socks are a must have for me. No matter if I fly for 11h or 1h30.
I always put them on; I got these at Women's Secret store in Lisbon Airport.
Picture from Women's Secrets' website.


Oh and as a bonus: water!!! tons and tons of water.

These are my Top 5 long haul flight essentials; I hope you find this post interesting and maybe consider trying some of the items mentioned.
I can totally recommend them to you.
Flying comfortably is a must to me and it makes the whole trip much more enjoyable.

Drop in the comments what are your flight essentials, I'll be glad to know it. 

See you soon!

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Travel | Long haul flight essentials. Features Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones and the best travel pillow ever.

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