Travel | 3 Christmas Markets to visit

by - Thursday, December 06, 2018

Travel | 3 Christmas Markets to visit. Includes Germany, Estonia and Czech Republic. Blogmas post.


I think by now all of you unless you are new here (hi & welcome!), have realized that on Thursdays I post travel-related content. But I thought that during December I'd like to make Christmas inspired. Let's say a sort of "blogmas" (a very well known term in the blogosphere, which derives from "blog"+ "Christmas"), where every Thursday a new travel + Christmas related post will be up. So for this week, we kick off with the subject Christmas Markets.
Christmas markets are a thing I did not know much (or nothing at all, to be honest) about until I moved to the Netherlands. Luckily enough, the city where I live does set up a Christmas Market every year; which I am counting on showing you very soon.

But for today, I would like to share 3 Christmas Markets I would like to visit but never did. Shall we go?

Travel | 3 Christmas Markets to visit

As a side note: none of the photos in this post are mine (unfortunately... haha).


It has been quite some time since I visited beautiful Prague, and I remember that I loved it there. Shamely, I don't have photos to share and certainly not during Christmas. 
I'd loooove to visit Prague during this time of the year; I mean, look at this:



My curiosity about Estonia is slowly increasing and I'd certainly love to go during Christmas time. I am just not ready for the cold...... hahaha Not a big fan of super cold places.
But look at this photo?? How can one not want to go and visit it?


Another city I have been yet never during Christmas time. 
I love Cologne and it's relatively close to me, but I heard that this is one of the busiest Christmas Markets to visit, and certainly during weekends.
I was event old that it's best to visit it during weekdays; so here's a tip! 
There are so many more cities with beautiful Christmas Markets that it makes it very hard to select just 3. I choose these because I'd love to (re)visit these 3 cities.

And what about you:
Are there Christmas Markets where you live? 
Which ones would you like to visit? 

Let me know in the comments.

See you soon!

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Travel | 3 Christmas Markets to visit. Includes Germany, Estonia and Czech Republic. Blogmas post.

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