Travel | 2018 plans - A retrospect to this year's travel plans

by - Thursday, September 06, 2018

Travel | A retrospect to this year's travel plans. The Go's, no-Go's & surprises!


Early this year, I shared with you what travels plans I had for this year.
The plans were quite ambitious, I must admit, but hey, we must aim high, right? hahah At least, I think that's the best approach for most things in life anyway.
Anyway, back to the subject.
Before I look back at those plans and share with you which ones I achieved, which I didn't and if any of the remaining will happen or not, I think it's best you read them again. So here they are 2018 Travel Plans.

The Yes:

Lisbon and Milan did happen and both were great trips.
For obvious reasons, I go to Lisbon a lot more frequently than any other place, but none of the trips are alike, which is great.
Here are some of the posts I wrote about my latest trips to Lisbon:

Milan was also a great weekend trip, though cold, but the city is very beautiful. Not sure if I'd go back any time soon, but if you've never been there, I totally recommend the visit.
It goes without saying that I wrote some posts about it; check them out if you haven't:

The NOs:

The trip to Brazil didn't happen, unfortunately. I was a bit too late with booking my flights, and without my travel buddy, which couldn't make it due to work reasons, I had to take the decision to not go. In the end, it would be a lot of traveling, a lot of money for hardly any time in the country to check out some spots.
I should also mention that the currently unstable situation inBrazil didn't help; it's a pity that such a beautiful country is in such an unsafe and unstable situation.
I do hope things get better over there!

The trip to the USA got postponed due to reasons, that at this point I don't want to disclose (related to last Tuesday's post), but at home, we had to decide what the priorities were and do some planning. In the end, we agreed that the USA-trip will happen, probably in 2019! That of course, if Mr.Trump doesn't make a mess out the country and makes it impossible for us to go there.......

Still a possibility?

Copenhagen is still in the back of my mind to go, maybe on a weekend break, but they don't make it easy on us.
For some weird reason that I am yet to know, hotels in Copenhagen are extremely expensive. But like, crazy expensive. At least for my standards. This is actually, the only reason keeping me from going to visit it.
Who feels like paying 500Eur for a 2-night stay?! Right?... And I am not even talking about a super-duper-fancy hotel. No, just something Ok...
So, if anyone has tips of nice places to stay at a reasonable price, please let me know in the comments section! Much appreciated.

The Surprises:

I simply can't finish this post without mentioning a few places that I visited even though they were not in the plans for this year. All of them were worth the time and I really recommend you to go and visit them; mark my words: you won't regret it!
Without any specific order:
Berlin [Ger] - part 1 & part 2
Zwolle [Ned] - part 1 & part 2
Óbidos [Por] - part 1 & part 2
Mafra [Por] - part 1 & part 2

I hope to be sharing with you some other places that, even though they weren't in the initial plans for 2018, they somehow came my way.
So, stick around, because I may have some more travel suggestions your way.

Let me know in the comments what were your travel plans for 2018 (in case you make them), and if you have visited any of the destinations mentioned in this post.
I will be glad to hear it!

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See you soon!

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Travel | A retrospect to this year's travel plans. The Go's, no-Go's & surprises!

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