Today is a special day

by - Tuesday, September 11, 2018

This day 7 years ago, my life changed. Today is a special day! Find out more in this post.


Today's post is a special one; we have an anniversary to celebrate!
I know most people know this day for very tragic reasons, and so do I, yet, today also marks the 7th year since I became an immigrant.
Not sure if anyone actually celebrates such a thing, to be honest. 

At this point, I also don't know if I celebrate it or not, but it will always remain a special day for me. One that I still remember pretty much everything about it. And that, my dear people, that's remarkable for me! 
Yes, I have got fish memory! haha, anything beyond 15s after happening is deleted from my brain. haha
Kind of exaggerating but you get the idea.

7 years is a lot of time. To put it into perspective, let's see the numbers:
7 years = 84 months = 2557 days = 61.368 hours = 3.682.080 minutes of your life. In this case of my life.

And like I said, so much happened.
Many great things but also many bad things.
7 years of what started out as a great adventure and then eventually, it became the "normal".
7 years of missing out a lot of things back in Portugal.
7 years of self-learning and learning a lot about people in general.
7 years that worked out as the best life/friends filter one can ever experience, because believe me, only by being away from what once was your "normal" you see who and what really matters.
If there is one thing I learned in these 7 years, it was that!

7 years that passed by in a blink of an eye, but at some points, it just feels like a damn eternity.
7 years that, my analytical mind tells me it was the best decision I made for my self, but that my heart still isn't really sure about it. I guess I can't ever have it 100%.

7 years that I do not regret, yet, I wish some things would/could have been different.

And if it wasn't for that step I took 7 years ago, this blog wouldn't exist.
So, I guess that's it.

7 years that taught me that I am a lot more Portuguese than I ever thought I'd be.
And let me tell you:
I am so proud of it!

Let's see what the future holds for the next 7 years.

See you soon!

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  1. 7 years missing you!
    7 years learning how distant can be such only a number of kilometers!
    7 years doing the far away be close!

  2. Oh I feel you, Barbara! I just recently “celebrated” 10 years of living in The Netherlands; and, if I’ve learned anything, is to appreciate my heritage even more.
    For me, my heart is split between my old home and my new one; as each place has its pros and cons. I feel at home in both, but also not entirely, as I’m always missing something/someone. Have you ever had this?

    1. Hi Marcela, nice to see you here! :)
      I have that all the time!!!
      There was this Portuguese artist, who had this song that describes this feeling in it's perfection. Even though it's in Portuguese, I'm sure you will understand:
      "Estou bem
      Aonde não estou
      Porque eu só quero ir
      Aonde eu não vou
      Porque eu só estou bem
      Aonde não estou
      Porque eu só quero ir
      Aonde eu não vou
      Porque eu só estou bem
      Aonde não estou"