Thursday, July 12, 2018

Travel | Row 13, where are you?

Travel | Row 13, where are you?

For this week's travel post, I thought I'd talk about something slightly different than usual. Hope you like it!

The power of our mind is something quite impressive, yet, it can be easily tricked.
A nice example of that is how we perceive the number 13, or its absence.
This post actually popped to my mind during one of my last trips, while walking through the cabin aisle searching for my seat.

To be honest, I normally don't pay much attention to this, as I tend to seat on the same rows (at the back of the plane), but this one time, I think I had row 18 or something.
And then I noticed, the row numbers jumped from 12 to 14.
No row 13.

Airlines might be forced to play this trick or else, people wouldn't book a seat on row 13; no matter if you say you're not superstitious, probably you wouldn't book it, would you?

Now, the thing is: no matter how they name the rows, there is always, and I mean always a row number 13.
It actually made me laugh because this is a great example of how we can trick our mind (or the way we feel about something) just by not showing what we "are afraid of".

Buying a ticket for row 14, when there is "no row 13" is just simply "optical illusion. Unless the plane/train/bus whatever doesn't have more than 12 rows of seats.

Sorry, I may have forgotten to mention, how excited I get about numbers and mind tricks. hahaha

Now confess:
If there would be a row 13, would you book a seat there?
Or, would you avoid it?😏

Just remember, it's not possible to go from 12 to 14, skipping 13.
Row 14 will be the 13th row, no matter what. 😉

Think about it...
Let me know in the comments!

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See you soon!

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Travel | Row 13, where are you?

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  1. That is so true, as long as it says 14th row it will be in fact 13, but I have never thought about it that way. I have no trouble at all with the #13 and wouldn't mind if I had to be seated in the 13 row, or live on the 13th floor etc.


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