Beauty | New in - Kat von D eyeliner and my training to a better winged liner

by - Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Beauty | Review of Tattoo Liner by Kat von D in Trooper.

I love wing eyeliner. Or let's say, I love eyeliner and how it looks on 99% of the people I see.
On me, somehow, it is always a struggle.
Sometimes one eye looks right on the spot but then I go try to do the other one the same way and it all goes down the hill... badly!
Or I can't get the line straight and it all becomes a hot mess and I end up looking like a raccoon. And I do not appreciate this look.
It is also worth to mention that I am really bad at making straight lines, on any type of surface (paper for example...) so it comes as no surprise that on my eyes, it is also a hard task for me to accomplish.
Oh, and let's not forget, I'm not 15 yo anymore, so my skin isn't as firm as it used to be.

Therefore, for a very long time, I stopped doing eyeliner because I just couldn't get it right, and for my day-to-day makeup, I simply couldn't make it subtle enough.
That's when I heard about the so famous Tattoo liner by Kat von D.

Beauty | Review of Tattoo Liner by Kat von D in Trooper.
€20.55 (PT price) - Available at Sephora
Everyone talks wonders about this liner; it doesn't budge, it's very fine, easy to work with, and so on.
All characteristics I look for on an eyeliner, so I knew, that eventually, I would have to give it a shot.

While I was visiting Sephora, back in Lisbon (talked about it in this post), I grabbed one and gave it a little swatch. It all most "cut" my hand of so fine and precise it was.
Gave it a few seconds to dry out, and I went on my stress test: if I rub my fingers over it, will it budge or will it stay put?
Yes, it passed!!!

Throughout the day, I have the tendency to forget I wear eye makeup, and you might find me rubbing my eyes. Not cool when you do this and your eyeliner can't stay in place... Raccoon, anyone?!...

I have used it a few times by now, and I am able to do a very soft, yet precise, eyeliner look for daytime, which will stay put the whole day!!

Thanks to this liner, I have been practicing on making my wing liner more precise and even (as in, equal looking on both eyes), and even though I still have a long way to go, it gets better as I practice.
Having slightly hooded eyes doesn't make my task easier... Oh, and a not steady hand.
All things to practice and get better at.

Overall, I am very happy with this eyeliner!!
Black as black, sharp, precise, water and budge proof, and easy to handle.
Ladies & gentlemen, we have a winner!!

What is your favorite eyeliner? Do you keep your eyeliner look soft and precise or are you more of an extreme eyeliner look kind of person?
Share your thoughts on the comments. I will be glad to read them!

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Beauty | Review of Tattoo Liner by Kat von D in Trooper.

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