Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Skincare | My current full routine

Skincare - Full routine! From Cleansing to Hydration, to anti-ageing. Features Bioderma, LaRoche Posay, Pixi and The Ordinary products.

Hello there!!

Some time ago, I wrote about how I found out my skin type and its issues and how I was trying to take care of it, along with drinking more water. If you miss it, then please check it here: Skin type Post
Today's post is all about the products I have been using since then in order to tackle those issues and give my skin everything it needs.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Travel | Row 13, where are you?

Travel | Row 13, where are you?

For this week's travel post, I thought I'd talk about something slightly different than usual. Hope you like it!

The power of our mind is something quite impressive, yet, it can be easily tricked.
A nice example of that is how we perceive the number 13, or its absence.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Music | Lenny Kravitz - Lisbon Show Experience

Music | Lenny Kravitz Lisbon Show Experience.

During my last trip to Portugal, I had the fantastic opportunity to see one of my old time favorite artist playing live.
Wait, I should rephrase this sentence.
I went to Portugal to see one of my old time favorite artists.
Yes, that's better.

Thursday, July 05, 2018

Travel | Visiting Mafra [PT]

Travel | Visiting beautiful village of Mafra, Portugal.
Hello everyone!!

How are you doing? I hope well!
On today's post, as you might have already noticed I am showing you a bit of Mafra.
Mafra is about 40min away from Lisbon, as I mentioned in this post, and it's mostly known for it's amazing National Palace.

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Beauty | New in - Kat von D eyeliner and my training to a better winged liner

Beauty | Review of Tattoo Liner by Kat von D in Trooper.

I love wing eyeliner. Or let's say, I love eyeliner and how it looks on 99% of the people I see.
On me, somehow, it is always a struggle.
Sometimes one eye looks right on the spot but then I go try to do the other one the same way and it all goes down the hill... badly!
Or I can't get the line straight and it all becomes a hot mess and I end up looking like a raccoon. And I do not appreciate this look.
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