Time for a check-up: how am I doing regarding my goals for 2018?

Goals for 2018: What goals did I set and am I on track or completely off? Read more on www.portysdiary.com Personal Blog.


I thought today would be cool to check up on my goals for 2018 and see how I have been doing.
Do you guys also make like yearly-goals and then check up, let's say, every quarter, and make an evaluation of how things are going?

1. Work out

Let's get straight to reality: I have been failing this goal MI-SE-RA-BLY.
Haven't sat foot in the gym for ages, and certainly not this year, despite this being one my top priority items on the 2018-list.
There is always something that keeps me away from going to the gym, but honestly, most of the times, it's just laziness.
Pure and real! Hi, you're reading a personal blog. :)

Anyone with tips on how to get your motivation back? Drop them in the comments, PLEASE!!!

2. Read more books

I love books; always had, as far as my memory goes. You may have read this before, here on the blog.
I can't resist a bookstore... Always end up buying something. But if you just buy books but don't make the time to read, then what's the point?
For 2018, I wanted to read a book every 2/3 months.
Well, even though I have been reading more often, I am faaaaaaar from reaching my goal! *shame*
On the brighter side: I am almost finished with the one I started in January... Yay...

3. Make time for me

Finally, one goal that I've been doing well at!!
Yes; we all need to make time for ourselves, no matter how busy or chaotic our lives are.
I've been doing well to stop the self-criticism whenever I feel like doing nothing, or just doing something that amuses me instead of whatever I may think "I should be doing instead".
Nothing is more precious than enjoying our "me-time".
Totally recommend everyone taking a moment for themselves; it helps decrease your stress level = happy life, ultimately!

4. Learn something new

Back to square zero I go...
Even though I had a whole study plan set for myself for this year, thanks to busy working days, combined with laziness and just "not being in the mood", I still have yet to get started.
And believe me, my plan was long!!
On the brighter side: I have been learning new things on Lightroom. It should count, right??

5. Go visit family & friends more often

And end with a gold key: yes, I have been able to do this!
Sometimes not for as long as we would like, but at least I have been able to share some moments with everyone back at home, and it's been nice.
My bank account didn't like as much as I did, though...

Yeah, I should honestly say that 2018 hasn't been quite as much as I planned, which doesn't mean it hasn't been nice so far. 

And you guys; did you have any goals for 2018? If so, how are you doing so far?
Let me know in the comments.

See you soon!

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Goals for 2018: What goals did I set and am I on track or completely off? Read more on www.portysdiary.com Personal Blog.


  1. Gym-0
    Time for me - -10
    finish the course - 4 months to go
    Concerts - not bad
    Internship - get it
    Eh... I think I'm not to bad at all looool

  2. Loved reading this post, its such a fun idea to look back on the goals set! I think I need to start making more time for myself - I'm glad you've been doing well at this one! x

    Han | lifewithhan.blog