How to behave at... a concert

by - Tuesday, March 20, 2018

How to behave at... a concert | Is there such a thing as "concert etiquette"? Are there any rules on how one should behave when is at a concert? Read my take on this, with a high level of sarcasm.

Hey guys

If you have been a reader for a while, you know I like music and go to shows and festivals. It is in all honesty, one of my favorite things to do! That and go to the cinema. 
I just wished there were more shows of my liking nearby, as I often have to drive at least 1h/1.5h each way to attend a show.

When I am at a show, I really like to just dive into whatever the band has planned for you, as a spectator. Listening to the tunes, enjoy the light show - good concerts have two shows going on, the one by the band and the one by their light engineer - and generally, just have a good time with whomever I am with.

Now, with this in mind, there are a few things that should be common sense at a show, I don't even say a festival because that's a different game, but like an indoor show.
So I thought I'd share with you the things that annoy me while I am at a show.

How to behave at... a concert

1. People having loud conversations

The music is loud, but that does not mean one has to shout at one another, about the most random sh*t, does it?! Plus, if you wanna have a conversation, go somewhere else!
A show is to enjoy the band and their music not to talk about whatever...
Yes, it pisses me off. 

2. Tall people who stand in front of you

I know you can't choose who stands in front of you or that there is no rule about it, but imagine the following: 
You're there, having a great time, out of the blue, this 1.95m guy comes God knows from where and BAM, stands right there in front of you...
It kinda sucks, doesn't it? Tall people can stand basically anywhere and they will still see just fine, what's the point of ignoring the person who was already there?...
I normally, ask these people, as polite as I can, to stand somewhere else. After all, I didn't pay a ticket to stare at their t-shirts...
And if I'm the tall person in question, I always look around and see what "type" of people is around me. If someone is shorter than myself, I do not stand in front of them. When it happens, by accident, I apologize!
(see, I can be nice & social... sometimes! LOL)

3. People with their phones 

I don't even know how to address this in a nice way... I am sorry!
Look, I get it, you want to save the moment in your phone's memory to check later on (which probably won't happen), but that does not mean you have to have your phones during the WHOLE show standing up high, does it?! 
Unless you're counting on having Alzheimer anytime soon, just enjoy the show and leave your goddamn phone in your pockets!
Thank you.

4. Front row "status"

Now, this one I may hurt some feelings, and for that I am sorry, but let me try to make my point.
You see, front row at a show is by some people THE place to be. 
Some because they are huge fans and want to be as close as possible to their idols (fair enough) and others because they want to... take photos.
Now, the deal is, if there is no photo pit or if you happen not to have a photo pass to be at the pit, that does not mean you are "entitle" to just have a spot at the front row, be there with your camera and do your thing. Sorry but no!
Not saying, everyone in the front row with a camera does this, but I have seen people with such attitude, and let me tell you: I had a hard time keeping my cool...
Also, try to see it from the band's perspective: really cool to have a front row "only" with people pointing their cameras at them, no?... Great for interaction... NOT!

5. Throw cups away in the air

It's really cool to just throw your cup away when you're finished with your beer/coke or whatever the f*ck you've been drinking and let it land at someone else's head, isn't it??
If you're 5 years old, I'd get it, but grown-ups who do this, I am sorry, but it's just wrong. And stupid. And anti-social. And disrespectful. 
So, if you are reading this and is someone who does it, could you please just don't do it?! It's not cool!

Now, I think I've nailed the 5 most annoying things I experience while at shows.
I hope you can read the sarcasm in between the lines and it's never my intention to hurt anyone with my words.
But, this is my honest opinion! And I go to shows quite often (not as much as I'd like, though), so after a while, these things just get on my nerves.

Tell me in the comments what are the things you like & dislike while at a concert!

See you soon!

P.S.: This is a personal blog, so you'll read this kind of posts every now and then. It's not all "flowers & wonders" over here! I'm keeping it real, peeps! haha

P.S.2: See, I even skipped the whole groupie-thing... Maybe on another time!

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How to behave at... a concert | Is there such a thing as "concert etiquette"? Are there any rules on how one should behave when is at a concert? Read my take on this, with a high level of sarcasm.

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  1. this is brilliant! I'd like to add 5.5: don't piss in said cup before you throw it!

  2. I love this! especially the part about the phones - now on the one hand it's great because I get to see concerts on youtube people shot with their phones - but really how do you enjoy a show like that? why would someone focus on that instead of experiencing the moment? and tall people. as an average height person - that has been known to be a problem for me:)

  3. Oh man thanks so much for finally putting it into words! I love going to concerts but some people are so annoying and just RUIN the entire experience- especially those people that are "too cool" to sing along, dance, or jump, and then give you looks when you do exactly that while having fun...