Food Habits - a new chapter

by - Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Food Habits - a new chapter | What I have changed in my diet and why. | Porty's Diary


As I write this post, I believe it has been a month since I saw the documentary "What the Health". 
It was a regular working day evening, where there were no interesting shows on TV so I checked Netflix for some entertainment.

I don't remember how anymore, but "What the Health" popped up and seemed very interesting.
So interesting, that after seeing it, I could not look at food the same way anymore.

A new chapter had just started; unexpectedly and unannounced.

Even though the documentary is made in a way to make you go Vegan, I decided to try my own way.
Basically, I love meat and fish, but I have been quite tired of always having meat and fish every single meal...

Now, I eat two warm meals a day, and in each of them, there would be meat/fish + some source of carbs + veggies. 
Day in, day out.

Some days, I just felt I had enough, but didn't know how to pull the breaks on this routine that my body is so used to.
And like I said above, I do like meat and fish.

But anyway, after seeing this documentary, I got the necessary kick to make the decision:
Less meat&fish on my daily diet!

Ever since that day (or evening, to be more precise), I have started this new chapter of what some might call being vegetarian

Vegetarian or Vegan?

After a lot of thought, I have decided that I do not want to be vegan. 
I have total respect towards those who are, but to me, it is just too much to handle. Because being vegan goes beyond what you eat, I don't see myself wanting to "restrict" my habits that much.
Also, when it comes to food, even though the offer nowadays is quite large compared to some years ago, it is still not so easy to be vegan and get all the ingredients you need at a regular supermarket. At least, not where I live. But like I said: things are improving!
Another thing that made me decide not to be vegan is the fact that, if I'm invited to have food at friends or family, and knowing that they're not vegans, it would be quite a hassle for them to prepare food for me. I don't like to impose my options to others if you know what I mean.

So, did I become vegetarian?

The answer is also, no.

What do I eat then?

For the past month, I have reduced the amount of animal protein that I consume. Also, a large cut in dairy products.
Basically, 6 days a week I am having a vegetarian diet and for one day, I take some meat or fish.
This makes me a Semi-Vegetarian, according to some definitions.
During those 6 days, I follow a vegetarian diet which may include eggs and a tiny amount of dairy (ice-cream, chocolate).

How has it been so far?

I would say, so far so good!
Never ever I found out so many different types of ingredients and recipes. I thought, this could possibly be quite hard to do but it turns out to be the opposite.
Throughout the past month, I have tried products I never thought I would. To name a few:
- Vegan cheese.
- Tofu.
- Soy-based "milk" and yogurt.
- Dairy-free butter.
- All kind of meat replacements.

How do I find new recipes/inspiration?

In times of need, I always go to Pinterest!
The recipes are endless and it's very easy to find something new to cook almost every day.
I also searched on Jamie Oliver's website in the Vegetarian section.
Oh, I have created a Pinterest board where I save all the recipes I tried so far and the ones I want to try; give it a follow if you're interested: My Pinterest Board

Will I keep it up?

My intention is to keep this new diet for as long as I can. So far, I am feeling great and I believe I take my daily amount of protein+fiber+carbs+vitamins as needed.
And it's been fun!!!
I may share some of my new favorite recipes once I get more used to them and don't forget to take photos before I eat! LOL
Meanwhile, if you follow me on Instagram, you'll see on my Stories some of the new things I am eating.
Oh, and before I go: a big thanks to my Mr.A for helping me with this new chapter and for following this new diet, even though not as "restricted".

And you, what type of diet do you follow?

Let me know in the comment sections.
And share with me your favorite recipes! Thanks!!!

See you soon!

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Food Habits - a new chapter | What I have changed in my diet and why. | Porty's Diary

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  1. Concordo contigo em quase tudo, nao faz mal q ninguém, até pelo contrário, usar uma alimentação diversificada, a carne e o peixe nao são a ultima bolacha do pacote... Contudo cenas que entram na alimentação vegan são maioritariamente processados, ou seja lixo disfarçado de comida saudável, be attention!
    Tudo o que vem da Terra é saudável e existe uma quantidade absurda de alimentos que podemos consumir (ate rebentar) que nao nos fazem mal.
    Claro se fosses tipo eu que ate a porcaria de uns ovos mexidos as vezes saiem uma bela porcaria tinhas mais dificuldades, como ate te safas acho que tens tudo para conseguir ter uma boa alimentação sem recorrer a processados...
    Eu só não tenho uma alimentação mais equilibrada porque mais depressa pego fogo a cozinha do que sai alguma coisa bem feita mas a informação ta cá toda lol

    1. Nem tudo o que tem rótulo Vegan é processado mas eu percebi a dica.
      Este último mês tem sido uma autêntica aventura; recomendo!

  2. hi love,
    adoreiii o teu blog e este post foi mesmo acolhedor!
    Também já tive uma fase em que estava mesmo determinada a ser vegan mas com a rush que a minha vida é tornou se dificil
    gosto desse sistema semi vegetariano, parece me algo muito mais contretizável

    1. Olá Ivânia,

      Ainda bem que gostaste aqui do cantinho! Espero ver-te mais vezes por aqui.
      Sim, realmente ter uma dieta Vegan é um processo um pouco complicado especialmente quando não podemos preparar as nossas refeições a toda a hora.
      Este sistema que estou a experimentar, até agora tem sido bem fácil de concialiar com o dia-a-dia. Recomendo!

  3. estou a tentar fazer várias mudanças na minha alimentação, ainda que não tão drásticas!!! ahahah
    adorei o teu blog! ganhaste uma nova seguidora!
    passa no meu e diz o que achas!

    1. Olá Diana,

      Ainda bem que gostaste daqui do blogue!
      Pode parecer um pouco drástico esta mudança mas garanto-te que no dia-a-dia não é de todo assimtão complicado quanto isso.
      Acima de tudo o que importa é termos uma alimentação equilibrada e variada.
      Boa sorte nesta aventura!

  4. Cada vez como menos carne mas, de vez em quando, não passo sem um belo de um bife.