New Year, New Projects!

by - Tuesday, January 09, 2018


Here I am again, with a new post and it's all about this new year that just started! I know, you may think "Just now?!"... Yeah, I wanted to take some time off and reorganize my ideas for 2018.
But before I get started, tell me: how was your Holiday season? Hope you've had a great time!! 

After a few days of thinking about what would I want to do with this blog in 2018, I came up with a few ideas which I am very excited about and hopefully, you will like it as well.
Ready?? Here we go!

What's new?


Expect a post, at least, twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday, at 8 AM CET.
If time allows, maybe one on Sunday as well! *fingers crossed*


We'll be saying goodbye to the 52-week photo challenge... But on the other hand, I am planning to have a weekly post specially dedicated to travels (in any form you can imagine).
Share some of my favorite bloggers and YouTubers.
And also have some guest posts.
The specifics of all the above mentioned will remain in secret... Surprise, you know? 😉
And of course, there is still plenty of room left to write about any other subject that may pop into my mind. It's still me on the side, after all.

Points to improve

I also want to improve my Newsletter, Pinterest, and Facebook page as they all have potential yet to explore! Any tips and/or suggestions on what you would like to see, just drop me a comment below. Much appreciated.

Goodies & Surprises

There will be more Giveaways (one very soon...) and expect some more surprises which will bring two of my favorite subjects together. Can you guess??? 😇

Numbers & Stats

Well, that I will leave it open as I think that's the best approach. Whoever reads this blog and likes the content is more than welcome to subscribe/like/join any of my social media platforms, but you won't see me obsessing over numbers. It's just not why I am here.

These all seem very easy to do/achieve but to combine with a full-time job, personal and social life, other things I want to do or catch up with, that will be my true challenge for 2018.
If I had to put it in one term, it would be time management! 

And you; have you got any nice plans/projects/resolutions for 2018?
Whatever it might be, I wish you luck and never give up to go after what you wish. 
Yet, give yourself a break in times of need because you know what? 
We only live once!
For now, that's it!
Wish you a great day and hope to see you around!!

2018: Let's do this!!!!

Next Post: January 11th @ 8 am CET 

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