On a Trip through Portugal - Bragança II

by - Monday, December 04, 2017


Who is ready for second round of Bragança? In all honesty, I had other post in mind for today, but I could not get the photos done over the weekend, thanks to the lovely dark and short days... 
But hey; let's continue with Bragança for now. Grab a cup of coffe/tea and come along!

On a Trip through Portugal - Bragança II

While we were having a break, there was a wedding about to happen!

Recognize this one? Check HERE

And that was it for Bragança! We really had a great time in there and had probably the best, or second best, meal of the whole holiday in there as well.
If you are planning on visiting Bragança, you MUST go to Solar Bragançano. The food there is to die for!! We got speechless after the first bite... Yep; that good!
Unfortunately, I do not have photos of the food neither of the place... Yep; I'll never make it as a food blogger! LOL
Anyway; trust me on this one: it was delicious!!

After Bragança it was time to start our trip back to Lisbon and enjoy some great days at the beach. We went to a specific beach a couple of times which looked like a little paradise. I'll share more details on this one in the near future.

I hope you enjoyed all these trip diaries of the towns we visited in Portugal!
Should you missed any, check the links below.
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All photos with Sony a6000 + SEL1650 & SEL35F18. 

See you soon!

Next Post: December 7th @ 8 am CET
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  1. Hi!
    I've been following your posts and I'm absolutely in love with your photography. I personally like the travel theme and your journey around all the places you've been is inspiring to me. Thank you for sharing your stories. I'm trying to do it like you and I want to expand my Blog through the world. Check it out!
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  2. Sou uma fã incondicional do Norte. Um dia tenho que fazer uma viagem e levar o meu namorado a conhecer esse lado de portugal.
    Um beijinho grande*
    Vinte e Muitos

  3. Wow! Lovely pictures. I so want to take a trip to Bragança now!