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by - Monday, November 20, 2017

How to handle business /  collaboration opportunities in blogging.

I see this blog as a "heavy duty" hobby, in all honesty. I expect nothing from it. 
The reason why I write and share all kind of content with you is simply for the pleasure of doing so. I never take this blog as a platform that can perhaps allow me to do any sort of business with anyone.
Perhaps, I should, but for now, I don't see it that way.
And I also never write posts in the hopes of being contacted by any brand or whatsoever, nor I do it in "advertisement" mode if you know what I mean.

So, imagine, how surprised I was when I was approached for the first time, for a possible collaboration with a brand/website. Wouldn't you?!

Now even more surprisingly, you may find, I declined it. 
What?? Yes, I did.

The reason why I did, is very simple: why should I create content that I do not identify myself with?
So with this in mind, and even though I was very happy to have "been noticed" I declined the offer. I tried to be as polite as possible and explain that the content they would like me to produce is not what I do on the blog, at least at this point,  but I was glad that they contacted me.
Simple but to the point.

And this attitude is what any blogger (anyone who writes a blog is per definition a blogger) should have, I think. 

If you don't identify yourself with the brand or with the product, then you have all the right to decline. And to say no is just as ok as to say yes!
Even if it comes at the cost of missing out a chance to have your first collaboration.

With this being said, I would be very thrilled to collaborate with brands that I do identify myself with, so who knows what the future holds. 
Whatever it may be, one thing is for sure: you won't EVER read a post from me that it does not contain my honest opinion about whatever the subject is.
I won't write about something just for the sake of "business opportunities".

So, yeah, this is how it went!

Do you think I did well by declining or you're like "Damn, you're such a fool!"?

If you are a blogger as well, let me know how did you handle your first business opportunity and how do you say no to opportunities you don't find relevant to your blog.

See you soon!

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