Week Photo Challenge - Week #36


One of my favorite songs from Metallica is called "For whom the bell tolls" and when I spotted this huge bell in Guarda's Cathedral I couldn't help myself of playing that song in my mind. 

So this week's photo goes out to Metallica, which is one of my favorite bands! Those guys still know how to put up a show after aaaaall these years!

For whom the bell tolls
Time marches on

week 36/52
"For whom the bell tolls"
This bell and the other ones at the Cathedral still work, and I remember to rush up with the photo because it was almost time for them to go LOUD and I was so afraid that would happen while I'd be right there in front of it... Wonder how that would have gone... haha

Photo details:
Location: Guarda, Portugal
Settings: Sony a6000, ISO 100,  16mm, f/3.5,  1/320sec. 

See you soon!

Next Post: September 11th @ 8 am CEST 

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  1. WaW impressionante!!!
    Tens foto a cores? talvez se conseguisse ler as inscrições.

    1. Tenho mas não dá para ler mais do que nesta foto. Só mesmo ao vivo! haha