On a Trip through Portugal - Guarda II

by - Monday, September 04, 2017


Today's will take you on my second day in beautiful Guarda.
In case you have not seen the first part, you can find it here.

To visit a town like Guarda, you don't really need a map as it is very easy to find your way. On the other hand, to avoid seeing the same things over and over again, it's always nice to check Google Maps.

The people in Guarda are very friendly and willing to help out with any questions you may have. Always nice to ask the locals for tips on where to eat; they know the where the hidden gems are.


Gorgeous colors in old town houses
More lovely street art; this one is on the way to the Castle Tower.
The Castle Tower

The view over the city from the Castle Tower (which was closed for visits - Sunday!)


Guarda is known for the 5 F's city (in Portuguese):
Forte (Strong) - due to its Castle Tower, city walls and geographic location.
Farta (Rich) - wealth of the Mondego valley. Mondego is the only 100% Portuguese river; all others start in Spain.
Fria (Cold) - due to its proximity of Serra da Estrela.
Fiel (Faithfull) - back in 1383-85, sir Alvaro Gil Cabral refused to give the city keys to the King of Castile.
Formosa (Lovely) - due to its natural beauty surroundings.
The view from the Castle Tower.; all the hills you see are Serra da Estrela.
At the main square
Sé da Guarda | Guarda's Cathedral
On this day we walked 15297 steps which are approximately 11.2km!
But it was totally worth it.

The next day, we took the bus towards our second destination: VISEU.
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How did you like Guarda?
Have you ever been there?

All photos with Sony a6000 + SEL1650 & SEL35F18. 

See you soon!

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