On a Trip through Portugal - Guarda

by - Monday, August 28, 2017


For this year's summer vacation, I and Mr.A decided to go once again on a road trip in the northern region of Portugal and visiting other cities we haven't been.
To be more accurate, that he hasn't been. Sometimes I feel like I miss my calling as a Tour Guide or Travel Agent.
We visited in total 4 different cities during our trip, which I will be sharing with you on this series of posts called "On a trip through Portugal". My plan is to do two posts per city as we spent about 2 days at each location and there is quite some info to share with you.
It won't be just a photo diary of each town but I will also give you some recommendations on where to stay and eat.

I hope you enjoy it this series! And of course, seeing more of my beautiful home country Portugal.
Let's first start with GUARDA.



Guarda is located in Beira Interior Norte sub-region in Centro Region of Portugal.
The highest city in continental Portugal, located to the northeast of Serra da Estrela (the largest mountain in mainland Portugal).

Inside the Cathedral | Sé.

At the rooftop of the Cathedral

Where to stay:

Hotel Vanguarda, approx. 10min walking away from city center with a fantastic view to the Serra da Estrela.

The view over the main square from the Cathedral's rooftop

2nd King of Portugal

Where to eat:

Restaurante Belo Horizonte; great atmosphere, kind staff, and delicious authentic traditional food.
Price range: $$-$$$ .
NOTE: $-cheap, $$$$$-very expensive.

Fun Facts:

On this day, we walked approximately 16059 steps, which makes a total of 11.8 km!
It was very warm, especially between 12h and 16h.

What did you like of Day 1 in Guarda? 

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All photos with Sony a6000 + SEL1650 & SEL35F18. 

See you soon!

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  1. I love your posts! The pictures are amazing and it's all so interesting!

    I've nominated you for the Sisterhood of Bloggers tag; I don't know if you have answered it already or if you're thinking of doing so, but, if you'd like to, you can check my post HERE.

    Bia from Bookaholic.

    1. Obrigada Beatriz pelas tuas palavras!
      Assim que tiver um tempinho responderei à tag.