Happy Birthday, dear Diary!

by - Tuesday, August 22, 2017


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Today, the blog celebrates its 4th anniversary!!! Hurray!!!!
It has been a long ride so far, with ups and downs, but I am here to stay.
Having this blog is one of my favorite hobbies and it allows me to meet so many nice people from all over the World.

To celebrate its birthday, I have decided to give it a new look and also a new domain!!
Finally took the step to get my own domain. From now on this blog will be called:

Also, I have made a new Mailing List for you.
If you are already subscribed by email, then you can expect nicer emails from me and if you are not, then subscribe!! It's very easy, just type your email address in the form on the sidebar and follow the instructions.
There might be some surprises for my subscribers in the near future. 😉

I want to thank Pipdig for making such lovely layouts and to install it for me; no more headaches tweaking templates! It's worth every cent!
And I would also like to thank Katie from for making my new blog header completely for FREE! Girl, you're amazing!!!
If you wish to get one for yourself, do not hesitate to contact her!

And obviously, to ALL of you who keep reading my stories, share your opinions and experiences with me on this blog but also on all the social media platforms.

Let's go for, at least, 4 more years!


See you soon!

Next Post: August 24th @ 8 am CET

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  1. Muitos parabéns! O design está excelente!

  2. Surprises??? Ahhh, you're giving away some drumsticks of Mr.A... Count me in! ��

  3. Very cool!!! And congrats of course! :)

  4. Está muito fixe!!! Parabéns!!! ��

    1. Obrigada!!!
      Se quiseres, inscreve-te na mailing list para ficares sempre a par das últimas.;)

  5. Parabéns pelo aniversário do blog! Parabéns pelas conquistas! Você faz um lindo trabalho!!

    1. Obrigada pelo elogio!!!
      E obrigada por voce acompanhar! :)

  6. such a nice blog i read ur post i really like ur i also have a blong on Happy birthday wishes for a friend