Top 5 things I dislike about traveling

by - Monday, July 31, 2017


How are you all doing?
On this side of the screen, things are going great. The holiday is going fantastic, with many many nice memories to soon share with you. Also, quite some km on my legs & feet... Soon more about this subject! haha

While on holiday, I like to travel and visit new places, which doesn't necessarily mean going very far away. I love going from place to place, and experience new things. Apparently, this goes really well with my name's meaning:

Barbara as a girls' name is pronounced BAR-bra. 
It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Barbara is "foreign woman".

Don't worry, this post is not about my name. 😉
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Even though I do like to travel, on today's post I am sharing with you the 5 things I dislike about traveling.
1. Pack
I have some serious issues with deciding what to take with me if I am staying longer than a weekend. I can pack light for short trips but for longer ones, I always think I don't have enough... Guess what happens at the end...

2. Unpack
You know the feeling of getting back home, open your suitcase, look at all your messy clothes and items and think "not today!"? Well, I have that EVERY single time I return back from a trip. Pfff... How come no one has ever invented a self-unpackable suitcase?!...

3. Waiting 
Waiting for flights/trains/buses to get to my destination is something I find "waste of my time". If it was up to me, I would tel-transport from A to B... So much more convenient, right? 

4. Tourist Menu's
Oh, this one I don't even know where to get started. 
Look, in all honesty, I have to tendency to book trips to places where I foresee some great food. I like to experience what locals eat and how they do it. As traditional as possible is my motto! So, you can imagine how I feel about "cheap, unthoughtful, "tourist menu's"... Oh man, seriously?! Who established that tourists like to eat cheap crapy food?...

5. People who act like tourists
I am sure all of us have encountered at least one person that falls into this category. They seriously get on my nerves. 
It's totally fine to be enthusiastic about being in a new place and all, but that doesn't mean you should act like a dumbass, right?! As an example, I once was in a Palace/Museum where it was stated "do not touch" some certain items or photograph them. Guess what some assh*le did?!.. Exactly!

And that's it for me!!
What about you? 
If you'd have to point out 5 things you don't like about traveling, what would they be?

See you soon!

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  1. Concordo contigo. Sobretudo a parte de desfazer a mala e da espera por voos. Que desespero!

  2. Packing and unpacking is just pure hassle. Just bung it in and go!
    Vanessa x