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by - Monday, July 17, 2017


Ever since I finished my teeth whitening treatment (read more about it here), I have started wearing lipstick on more frequent basis.
I have always liked lipstick but did not really dare to wear it as it would draw attention to my super yellow teeth, which as you can imagine, was not nice.

But now, that my teeth have a normal color, it's been nice to just experiment and try new things.
I did not have a lot of lipsticks before due to this fact; this meant, I had to get new ones. What a terrible thing... 😊

On a normal day, I like to keep my makeup as simple and easy as possible; not only it's faster in the morning but it is also more "work approved". In my working environment, that aren't many women and even less with a made up face.

Therefore, I decided to share with you, the three lipsticks I use the most on my everyday makeup for work.

The colors seem very similar...
Excuse the possibly weird lipstick swatches, but I am still learning how this thing works 😅.
📷Sony a6000 + SEL35mmF18
Top - Urban Decay in Backtalk - Comfort Matte.
Center - Rimmel London in 45 - Lasting Finish by Kate.
Bottom - Rimmel London in 55 My Nude - Lasting Finish by Kate.

Out of the three, the Urban Decay is the one that lasts longer on the lips, but it's matte finish, whereas both Rimmel London lipsticks wear off easily and have a shiny finish.

The Rimmel London lipsticks were bought at Kruidvat for €10.99 each and the Urban Decay I bought it at Feelunique for €18.60.

What are your everyday lipsticks? 
Have you tried any of these?
I would be glad to know.

See you soon!

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Beauty | Top 3 every day lipsticks, including Rimmel London and Urban Decay. | Porty's Diary

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  1. Esses tons são lindíssimos e bastante discretos

    1. São sim e ficam mesmo bem para um dia de trabalho :)

  2. That UD lipstick looks lovely:)

    Emily xo

    1. Hi Emily,

      It is, indeed. Such a nice everyday color you can't go wrong with. ;)
      xo B.

  3. I really love that bottom shade from Rimmel! It looks so pretty yet very subtle and work-appropriate.

    I'm lucky in that I don't have any restrictions on what colours I can wear, so my favourites are often bold. Probably my top shade is Urban Decay Temper. It works really well on my skin tone and I love the formula!

    Beccah xx

    1. Hi Beccah!

      Thanks for you comment and for stopping by!
      Oh, I always feel so out of place when wearing old lipsticks..... haha
      UD lipsticks are great, that;s a fact.

      xo, B.