Thursday, July 20, 2017

52 Week Photo Challenge - Week #29


This week's entry on this challenge comes with a nice bonus as well; it is my post number 300!!!

I have written 300 stories in this blog and this year I am enjoying it more than ever. And I hope so are you, my dear reader!
When I first started this blog I knew I wanted a place to "ventilate" or just simply share my experiences as an immigrant.
There have been a few bumps along this road but that makes it extra special.

Week 29/52
"300 pages"
Thank you for reading one (or more) of these 300 posts!

I am very grateful for your support!!

Photo details:
Settings: Sony a6000, ISO 1250,  35mm, f/2.0,  1/160sec. 
See you soon!

Next Post: July 24th @ 8 am CEST 

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  1. 300 posts já são muitos! E que venham muito mais :)

    Beijinhos e boa semana <3

    1. Olá Carla,

      Pois é, 300 posts... Mas há muito mais a caminho!
      Obrigada pelo teu apoio.


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